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You Don’t Have to Be a Data Rock Star to Be In Our Show

Marketing research types like us are all kinds of crazy about data. But even though we?re unabashed data nerds, we know that not everyone?s idea of a good time is sitting around and talking about analytics intelligence, predictive modeling, and best customer profiling ?even if they work in marketing or advertising.

Some marketing pros or business owners just don?t find that stuff very interesting (no matter how much we try to convince them that this stuff is in fact fascinating.) These types clients tend to be unconcerned with the ?why?, the behind-the-scenes of data collection and analysis ?because they just want to know the ?how?, as in ?how is this going to help my business??

Other people we work with are not only uninterested in data ? they?re a little bit intimidated by the thought of working with a data agency. ?Numbers aren?t really my thing,? we hear these types of clients say all the time. ?If I don?t have a background in data or marketing research, are we going to be able to work well together??

You don?t have to think like a researcher in order to work with a research agency.

Our answer to that question is ?Yes. Absolutely.?

At MindEcology we pride ourselves on our ability to explain complex marketing concepts and analysis results in straightforward terms that anybody can understand. We understand that all of the numbers and fancy profiles all need to answer two questions: ?What does all this mean for my business? And how do these insights translate into specific actions??

It?s really not much different from working with your accountant or your lawyer. If your background?s in advertising and marketing, you may not fully understand the process behind getting ready for an audit or a court hearing. Even so, any good attorney or accountant will be able to bottom-line the situation and present you with plain-language recommendations.

Some questions you may want to ask before you begin working with a research agency are:

1. Can you show me examples of reports you?ve prepared for other clients?

2. How do you present your findings ? in a phone call, face-to-face meeting, an email – or all three?

3. What kind of data, if any, does my company need to provide you or give access to in order for you to complete a thorough report?

Want to know more about the process of working with a data-driven marketing and advertising agency? We’re happy to help. 4

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