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Your Digital Business Plan in 2019: Go Conquesting or Retargeting?

Digital Business Plan

In your 2019 digital business plan, it won’t be enough to just reach out to your potential customers with advertising, you need to reach out to them when they are most likely to become your actual customers. Luckily, there are two powerful tools in the marketing arsenal that use the latest technology to deliver your message at just the right time.

Mobile conquesting and retargeting are both strategies to get your message where it needs to go, when it needs to get there. While both strategies may need a place in your 2019 digital plan, which one you focus on depends on your business goals for the upcoming year.

Understanding Conquesting and Retargeting

Before you decide which strategy to focus on, you need to understand how they both work.

Mobile conquesting uses geo-fencing to deliver targeted mobile ads. What’s geo-fencing? Thanks to the location capabilities in our smart phones, marketers can define a very specific location, such as a building or a park. Once a smart phone crosses that specific location’s boundary or geo-fence mobile conquesting ads can be delivered, either immediately or at a later time. Mobile conquesting can be targeted at a competitor’s location or at another location that is likely to drive traffic to your business — and that location can be specified within five feet of a perimeter.

Retargeting uses search histories to deliver targeted banner ads. When we use a search engine, such as Google or Bing, the phrases we search for are stored and can be utilized by marketers. Retargeting uses previous searches to deliver relevant website ads to a particular computer or smart phone.

Whether you use mobile conquesting or retargeting depends both on what you want your potential customers to do and what those potential customers are doing.

Three Times You Should Choose Mobile Conquesting for Your Digital Business Plan Advertising

  • You own a restaurant near a shopping center. Using geo-fencing technology, you can send ads to the smart phones in the shopping center smart phones being used by hungry shoppers wondering what?s for dinner.
  • You’re responsible for marketing a beach destination near a major city. You can target ads for the beach to visitors to the city, inspiring them to add on a beach day to their city vacation. Taking that scenario a step further, advanced mobile conquesting technology will let the beach destination advertise to those who have visited the major city once they’ve returned home  so the next time they are making plans for a vacation, an ad for the beach destination can appear. Want to see just how that works? Check out this video using the latest Lego technology.
  • You own a movie theater that has a new nearby competitor. Mobile ads such as on Facebook — can appear when a customer is at the competing movie theater, letting you reach movie fans and encourage them to choose your location the next time they go to the movies.

Three Times You Should Choose Re-targeting for Your Advertising

  • Your restaurant wants to reach individuals who are planning a holiday party. A banner ad for your restaurant can appear on the websites a web user visits after searching local party venues or holiday party locations.
  • You want to reach potential visitors who have been on your beach destination’s website and lure them back hopefully to book a vacation. Banner ads for the destination?s website can appear while that potential visitor is looking at other websites.
  • You are hoping to boost on-line ticket sales for your movie theater. Banner ads for your on-line ticketing service can appear on the browsers of movie lovers who have researched movie times on your website.

Combining Strategies Will Supersize Your 2019 Digital Plan

Depending on your sales goals and business plan, mobile conquesting and re-targeting can compliment each other to create a well-rounded, effective digital marketing program. Click here to access our convenient guide to match your business objectives with digital solutions. Reach out to MindEcology today to learn more about putting these powerful tools into your advertising arsenal.

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