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7 Things You Should Be Doing To Increase Brand Visibility

Increase Brand Visibility

Branding has gone far beyond simple logos and color choices. In this day and age, you should be doing these seven things to increase brand visibility.

Back in the day, your brand was simple. A logo, some matching colors and a font or two and you were good to go.

That is so last century.

These days your brand also needs to tell your story. Customers are looking for ways to connect with businesses that feel authentic. Branding needs to include tone, shared vision and reflect values.

As far as that logo, those matching colors and that font? They still matter as well.

Here are seven ways to increase brand visibility, both online and in the real world.

1. Online: Make sure your website reflects your brand.

Savvy business owners regularly review their website ? it?s the foundation of a brand?s online presence. Outdated information and broken links aren?t the only things you should be looking for, you should also be looking for ways your site can further your brand. Colors and fonts are visual ways to integrate branding into a website, but your blog and the tone it?s written in will also play a role.

2. Real World: Advertising, collateral and business cards should carry the brand.

No matter how much digital drives the marketing conversation, print is not dead. Whether you are passing out business cards at a chamber of commerce mixer or buying space on billboards along the interstate, the fonts, colors, photos and tone of your printed materials should convey your business?s brand.

3. Online: Take charge of your Instagram feed.

With its visual content and reputation as a no-drama alternative to Facebook, Instagram?s popularity continues to grow, making it a must for nearly every business. But if you want to further your brand, it?s not enough to just post pretty pictures a few times a week.

Developing an Instagram strategy that includes both carefully curated photos and branded content will let your social media team tell your story in a way that complements your brand.

4. Real World: Are you ready to party?

Special events offer a fun way to not only tell your story but give your customers an opportunity to tell your story for you. From cocktail parties to conferences, hosting an event puts your business in the spotlight. Make sure you let that spotlight shine even further by giving attendees the tools to broadcast your brand. A whimsical photo frame, event-specific hashtag or a gift for checking in on Facebook are all engaging ways to encourage social traction.

5. Online: Put your best face forward.

Facebook offers several opportunities to tell your business?s story and increase brand awareness. If you are using a photo for the page cover, does it reflect the vision you have for your company? Do the fonts and colors match your logo? Your avatar is another opportunity, if you are not using your logo or a photo of a team member, use a photo that helps tell the story of your brand.

Facebook posts should reflect not just the visual elements but also the values your company represents ? and that includes posts you share from other businesses.

6. Online: Check for brand before you push send.

Email marketing continues to be a powerful tool to reach previous customers and tell your story. Color, photos and style are all elements that should be used to integrate your brand in your outreach.

Don?t forget the email you use every day. Your email signature line offers a great opportunity to communicate brand colors and attitude as well as share a link to your website.

7. Real World: Don’t forget brick and mortar.

It?s easy to get distracted by the details and forget the big picture of what your location conveys. Colors, signage and staff uniforms are all opportunities to make an impact ? make sure that impact resonates with your brand.

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