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Brand Messaging: How To Tell Your Story Authentically

brand messaging

There’s a simple reason so many businesses fail after only a short amount of time — their brand messaging was a complete mess. Now, on the surface, that might not seem like the biggest deal. There are a lot of companies out there who are complete nightmares below the surface. They just happen to be really good at hiding how terrible things are behind the scenes. However, these failed companies happened to have forgotten one VERY important part about commerce — consumers are WAY more intelligent than you think.

Modern consumerism often gets a bad reputation for being too caught up in wanting cheap goods at rock bottom prices with no concern for much else. While this may be an underlying theme, much more attention has been given to the companies themselves. Who runs the show? Where do the goods come from? What’s the country of origin? How comfortable am I with the company’s business practices? These were once questions that did not cross the mind of the budget-conscious consumer. Consumers want to know with whom they are doing business.

Consumers are also in the driver’s seat when it comes to being fawned over by competition. Choices are available for just about every kind of product imaginable, whether domestically or abroad. As such, companies have to work harder than ever to earn a customer’s business. This is where brand messaging comes into the mix.

Prospective customers have decided they want a more personal experience. They want to feel a connection to the companies with whom they do business. Whether it’s a product or service, they want to feel as though there’s an actual heartbeat behind it all & not just an AI-generated entity. This, of course, can be quite the pickle for some companies as they’ve steadily started moving toward more automation to help with addressing consumer concerns (e.g., responses on social media platforms).

So, what is a company to do? Well, it isn’t as complicated as one might imagine. For example:

Know Your Story

Even the biggest companies in the world started small. Why not tell that story? Include the bumps & bruises it took to finally ‘make it’. Make your ‘glow up’ a part of your headquarter’s décor. Don’t be afraid to post old pictures on social media of CEOs when they were still just name-tag wearing salespeople at trade shows. All of this goes a long way to humanize you.

Get Everyone On The Same Page

All departments have to be on the same page when it comes to brand messaging. That level of consistency is what makes branding so powerful. Everyone from the accounting department through social media management should know the company story & believe in the company goals.

Align Your Team’s Tone and Values

Anyone that’s ever worked in a group dynamic knows that getting everyone onboard is pretty difficult. But for any company hoping to truly create a culture, it is important to get the right people in place. The right team members make it easier to establish a unified company voice, as well as curate company values and identity. Ultimately, every company looking for strong brand messaging is trying to avoid dissonance, something that can be perceived by even the casual consumer.

Know Your Audience

The kicker to brand messaging is that none of it means anything unless you’re directing it at the right group of people. Trying to market to a group of people that would have zero interest in your product/service might illicit two reactions: 1) tossing your advertising materials in the trash, which means wasted time and money; and/or 2) an immediate recognition that some company is clearly just vying for business from anyone. The former is bad for business as it means lost resources. The latter can be devastating as it means you’ve shown no desire to connect with the right audience.

As much work as this might entail, you might wonder whether there is anything simpler to marrying the concepts of brand messaging and authentic storytelling. In short, no, and that’s the point. It takes work to earn the trust of one’s audience. Their word-of-mouth will often be the best advertising your company will ever have.

And if your company is ready to put in this kind of work, then it’s time to call MindEcology. We’re an Austin advertising agency that specializes in data-driven marketing all while telling YOUR story. Set up a free consultation with us today!

brand messaging