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Scoreboarding with Data


Sports bar & grill applied MatchPoint™ analytics to their annual direct mail campaign.


The regionally -famous sports bar & grill has conducted an annual direct mail campaign for several years. The direct mail pieces feature the same promotion each year: a complimentary food item with the purchase of another entrée of equal or greater value. In past years, the bar & grill’s marketing team has selected campaign recipient households by leveraging standard demographic indicators such as age and household income.

However, recently they wanted to take a different approach in order to boost the campaign’s response rate and reduce campaign costs, all while bringing in more guests than in previous years. In order to do so, they enlisted the assistance of MindEcology, specialists in leveraging data mining and hyper-targeting techniques to help businesses locate and reach their best customers.


MindEcology recommended applying their flagship product, MatchPoint™. This is MindEcology’s hypertargeting solution which leverages advanced database analytics and targeting techniques in order to help companies to achieve a higher return on their marketing and advertising investment. MindEcology started the process by building a profile of the bar & grill’s historically-best customers. The profile leveraged the unique MatchPoint™ methodology, which combines decades of market segmentation research with cutting-edge analytical techniques. The result was a research report that included a direct mail strategy featuring step-by-step instructions and tactics. The report specifically pointed out where and how the establishment could reach their best prospective household most likely to respond to their promotion, while skipping over those households less likely to respond.

Key Point

The MatchPoint™-powered mailer featured the same creative execution and promotional offer as did the prior year’s mailer. The only salient difference in the recent campaign versus that of the prior year was the process used to select the direct mail recipient households.

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