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Established 2009

Talking Trash


The company is a central Texas-based, roll-off dumpster rental company that serves both residential and commercial clients. The business itself is fairly young but has shown strong growth over time, serving demand expertly to area homes and businesses.


When they came to MindEcology for help, the company owner had been spending money on a Google Ads campaign, managing the campaign on his own and only with mixed results. He felt that his market has more untapped potential but wasn’t sure how to find his vein of gold.

The owner measures business success on a monthly basis in terms of the number of dumpsters that his company rents, which he refers to as “dumps.” Typically, 35-40 dumps would was considered a strong month. Meanwhile, anything above 40 that was considered exceptional performance. But the 35+ dump months were few and far between, he found. Competition was strong and there was a lot of competitive noise in the marketplace.


The company owner decided to entrust MindEcology with the management the digital ad campaign. Furthermore, he asked MindEcology to do so without raising his total monthly marketing expenditures. Trusting but still cautious, the client signed a short-term, three-month contract with MindEcology for a digital marketing campaign.


The results speak for themselves. After a slow start in month 1, the results soon surpassed the client’s expectations. MindEcology was able to fine-tune the campaign into a high-efficiency lead-generation machine. And all of this without having to spend time managing the campaign himself and without increasing total marketing spend.

The happy client is presently ecstatic about the service he has received from MindEcology and has renewed his digital advertising contract twice, and for longer periods.

Before MindEcology:

Monthly dump counts for the 3 months immediately leading up to their hiring of MindEcology were 35, 39, and 28 dumps, respectively. The previous monthly record in the company’s history was just?43 dumps.

With MindEcology:
Month 1: 38 dumps
Month 2: 47 dumps
Month 3: 51 dumps
Month 4: 57 dumps
Month 5: 64 dumps
Month 6: 61 dumps

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