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5 Ways to Start a Conversation with Your Customers

Customer Conversation

Business is nothing if not a conversation. Building your business should be less about cold calling and more about engaging your best prospects and customers in a dialogue about what matters to them most – and how you can deliver just that.

Of course, conversation can take on many forms, including words and actions. Here are 5 ways to start a conversation with your customers:

1. Tag specific pages of your site with retargeting code.

Retargeting lets you tag prospects who have visited your site, and then serve them up relevant ads to them when they surf other websites.

2. Make cross-sell promotional offers.

Research which of your products tend to sell frequently together to the same customer. Then, go out and tell (for example) customers of Product C how much they might also like Product Q.

3. Track their interactions with you online.

You can now identify website visitors by name, company or both. Once tagged via your website, you can track and view every interaction they’ve had with you and even automatically assign them lead scores accordingly.

4. Over-communicate your sales process.

Once you have made a sale, communicate to your customers just what the process is between payment and delivery. Communicate clearly and often.

5. Send out a post-sales survey.

Ask customers to give you feedback on how you did. Companies who do this have a much better chance of improving their offerings later.

Need help getting started with these strategies? Let MindEcology lead the way.

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