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Compelling Facts About Video Marketing [Infographic]

Since videos became mainstay in 2005 thanks to YouTube, video marketing has given businesses the platform to inspire and induce emotions in audiences while meeting their needs in an authentic way.

Also, videos give businesses the opportunity to tell their story in a unique way that connects with the audience and attracts new viewers. As a result, brands are getting more loyal customers.

In relation to text, video is way ahead. They provide the occasion for marketers to create a real and instant interaction with the audience who also provide real time comments and reactions.

Video is also an excellent tool for establishing trust directly with customers. A good video can be a great way to present your brand, let your customers know about your latest special offers and discounts?and make sure that they retain that information a lot better than they would just by reading a block of text. From the beginning of time, word of mouth recommendations have been veritable tools used for gaining trust, and with video, establishing that bond with customers became enhanced.

Due to the enormous impact of videos on the marketing strategies of businesses, marketers are beginning to evolve with current trends. The purpose of the adaptation is that they don?t get left behind, but rather tap into the explosive potentials of video in marketing.

It is projected that by 2019, online content will be made up of 80% video marketing. Besides, the consumption of video content on mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) doubles annually. It is for this reason that the following facts about video marketing continue to be compelling:

  • 95% of consumers that are exposed to video and text marketing retain the video content information, compared to 10% that retain information presented as text, particularly from reading
  • 90% of customers state that videos about products help them make decisions about whether to make purchases
  • Mobile devices record an ever increasing and outstanding amount of video views, and 92% of those views are shared with others
  • Companies that include video marketing in their content record a 41% increase in traffic to their website and help with search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Videos offer the best ROI

The adaptability of videos to various platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram is an additional tool that makes video marketing a requirement for businesses.


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