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Do Banner Ads Have A Future In 2021?


It’s been over a quarter of a century since the first banner ads started showing up. The reaction? Well, advertising would never be the same. Now think about how ubiquitous banner ads are nowadays. How often do people just flat-out ignore them or try to find the little ‘x’ on the ad to get it out of the way?

Back in the mid-90s, though, it was insanity, so much so that nearly HALF of those who saw the ad clicked it. Yeah, nearly 50% of people saw this rudimentary online ad & thought, ‘Yeah, why not?’ Advertising firms everywhere would love these kinds of click-through rates, but sadly, this isn’t reality.

Why Banner Ads Matter

There is actually a large conglomeration of advertisers out there who feel that while the banner ad had its day, that’s no longer the case. They feel that people are more annoyed than interested in this type of advertising. Why invest in such a loathed thing, right?

But as recently as a few years ago, companies were still spending BILLIONS of dollars on banner ads. This figure has only continued to go up, which poses one big question — are you still trying to generate traffic & sales in 2021? If the answer is, “Yes”, then banner ads do matter in a big way.

Visual Content

For starters, visual content is huge is huge right now. It stand out from static advertising because of its dynamic nature. It catches the attention of the viewer, even if it’s in a small format like a banner ad. Because of the small size one is working with, advertisers need to get to the point quicker & with more purpose. This fuels creativity among ad teams trying to get your eyeballs in a particular place on a website.

The curiosity of the viewer is sparked by default. Granted, some might argue that this curiosity is outdone by eye-rolling. Therein, again, lies the potential for creating a truly unique banner ad. It can address potential customer pain points. What problems does your audience have? You are trying to convince them that you have the solution to their issue, but you’re banner ad has to be spot-on.

This may take bold graphics, simple but on-point messaging. You may even employ a video banner ad to really get someone’s attention. Or maybe you choose to go stripped down, opting to provide a call to action with a few words that hit home. The first banner ad in 1994 was colorful if not brash, and by some estimates, even ugly. But it was innovative & thought-provoking. THIS is what banner ads in 2021 need to be all over again.

Working With The Experts

This isn’t to say that banner ads have to rehash old material to get eyes on them. In fact, it’s important to do the exact opposite. The whole point of this advertising tool was to do something different. For many, the great downfall of today’s banner ads is that they are mundane and outdated. In order to make banner ads work for you, it’s going to take your entire advertising & marketing team to really put something special together. But if this isn’t their forte, you need a little help. There are advertising agencies who specialize in this area, and together with your team, can put together a dynamite banner ad campaign that’ll have 1994 vibes all over again, except with less flannel.

Give your banner ads some serious oomph with the right team on your side. Click here to learn more about an Austin advertising agency that’s changing the game.

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