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How To Know If You Have Good Advertising Creative

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Running a business has a lot of moving parts, each being critical in the overall success of the operation. That said, it’s not crazy to wonder whether those in charge of running these businesses fully realize the impact of a good advertising creative.

This elicits an important question: what is an advertising creative? If one were to take the term at face value, it could be denote a person who works within the milieu of advertising and brings notoriety & avant-garde ideas to campaigns. Neat as that is, it’s not quite right. Creatives are ads presented to individuals in a digital environment. Generally, creatives are made up of audio, pictures, and video that have one job — connecting with users.

Advertising creatives are used all the time by companies looking to get folks on their bandwagon. The key to have good ad creatives is making sure they’re doing the job they have well. Well, as anyone who has ever run advertising & marketing campaigns knows, not every swing results in a grand slam. There’s a lot of trial and error, a near constant back & forth to see what works, what doesn’t, and how best to tweak for the right results.

One of the biggest issues facing companies today is that they are having to contend with wide variety of advertising creatives from competitors. The number of ads are not only daunting but so is their quality. This is the first thing companies need to do in trying to determine their position on the marketplace — critically assess their own ad creative work. Doing so will include the following:

Visual Representation

Images and videos tend to be king when it comes to ads found online. They get folks’ attention. The more dynamic the visual representation is, the more the user will want to stick around & see what the ad in front of them has to offer. When assessing one’s own advertising creative work, it’s important to ask if this is taking place. Are the images striking? Do they stand out? Is the video work professional looking?


Great creatives teach. What they teach can vary from stats that give context to the world around them to knowing they can potentially save a certain amount of money if they shop now. Either way, if your ads aren’t doing much in educating folks about, well, anything, including your products/services, it’s time to make changes.

Platform Differentiation

You might have spent time crafting one killer creative that you think is worth plastering all over your social media. In theory, it makes sense & makes your work serve a wide audience. The thing is that anyone who uses social media long enough can tell you that posting to one platform in one manner does not always translate well to another platform.

Keeping Things Real

Few things are to be avoided in advertising & marketing as “cringe-y” takes on anything. One of the biggest bummers folks see all the time in advertising is the use of stock pictures & video. In case you weren’t aware, people can see through this. These fake representations end up making your operation look uninviting and rather suspect. In the last few years, companies have started using pics & video of their own employees. No matter if it’s the guy who gets coffee or C-suite personnel, that little bit of realness goes a long way.

Finally, it should go without saying that the best advertising creative work out there relies on simplicity. If you’ve got a product/service that’s worth checking out, it can do all the talking for you. Don’t try to cram a lot of info into a limited amount of space. And don’t sell your prospective customers & clientele short by insulting their intelligence. Work on getting their attention & let the chips fall where they may. If things aren’t popping the way you’d want, fix them and try again.

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