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OTT Media: What It Is And Why It Should Be Part Of Your Advertising Strategy


Let’s just get it out of the way — what the heck is OTT media? It’s an acronym that stands for over-the-top media. Right here, though, is the first place that some clarification needs to be had as the notion of ‘over the top’ is sort of a misnomer in this case. One might expect some kind of grandiose spectacle in advertising or marketing strategy. Maybe even a media ‘stunt’ can be in the works. You know, over the top. As it turns out, OTT media is not this and it is important any company considering using OTT media as part of its advertising understand this.

OTT media is all about delivering video content via the internet without the shackles that would normally come with traditional television or cable. This isn’t to say that television doesn’t have its place in the media landscape. But times are changing. More households have started turning to streaming services for their media consumption. This has led to even the major television networks to launch their own streaming services as a way of hedging their bets for the future as they, too, can see the writing on the wall. And if you think that streaming isn’t all that big, these studios have started winning Academy Awards, so….

But how and why should OTT media have any real impact on you and your business?

Well, you have to think about your business in terms of where you are now, where you’d like to be, and how you think you’ll get there. In just the last three years, businesses all over the world got given a hard lesson about knowing whether they had a real Plan B in place should things go south in a hurry.

Even as things improved, supply chains, goods, and personnel were still hard to get back on track, making recovery even tougher. But through it all, folks were relying heavily on their connection to the internet. Ordering groceries and other important supplies rested heavily on an online connection. School was online. Offices went online. EVERYTHING WAS ONLINE. With that many eyes online, it made sense that advertising online was the ideal way to get your product/service in front of an audience.

Full disclosure: OTT media can be a little tough to understand for a lot of people. So, to fully see the potential of why you need to have it part of your advertising, think of things in these basic terms:

  • it is an evolution of old-school media
  • it works off of video content, which is massive on all platforms
  • it yields trackable results, plus its trajectory is upward
  • you can place diverse ads on the same shows for difference audiences — mind blown!

Perhaps the biggest reason that OTT media should be a part of your advertising strategy is that it pushes businesses into investing in worthwhile overall content creation. One of the worst things that a business can become is stagnant over time. Aiming for dynamic strategy should always be a goal. With the constant evolution of online/streaming media and its reach in the collective consciousness, there will always be room for getting better.

OTT media may or may not be right for your business, but you’ll need to work with an expert that can help you figure out one way or another. Click here to connect with our team today.