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Video Marketing ? The Next Level Of Digital Marketing [Infographic]

Since the creation of the internet, marketing has evolved and we now have a huge array of different marketing techniques at disposal. One of the most prominent forms of marketing that is making waves is video marketing. It has opened up a host of new possibilities and businesses are using this marketing medium in some truly creative and groundbreaking ways.

Video marketing can encompass a range of different subjects and angles. For example, one of the most common types of video marketing is through YouTube. Businesses can create a YouTube channel and develop a series of videos to promote products and services. Newegg does this by recording product reviews about the newest gadgets and any other Newegg deals available from their online store – tablets, laptops, graphics cards and so on. Furthermore, they can also advertise on there using video adverts. These adverts play at set intervals during other channels? videos and can generate extra income and exposure.

Other examples of video marketing include Snapchat videos. Many businesses are using this platform to present live video content to their subscribers. Alternatively, it is possible to create short videos on Instagram instead of posting a simple picture. Fashion and travel companies are making great use of this technique to give customers a visual display of far off exotic lands or new fashion ranges. These are just a few of the ways that businesses are using video marketing.

The actual content of video marketing can vary greatly too, and this will depend largely on the industry. For example, a car manufacturer might create videos showcasing its cars driving on tracks. On the other hand, a mechanical company might show its machines in operation or give video tutorials on how to repair them.

There really is a great scope for creativity with video marketing, and as more businesses experiment, we should only see an increase in its usage.

The infographic below provides additional info about how various brands use video marketing today:

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