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Established 2009

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Creative Samples

The average American sees 3,000 ads a day. Great creative needs to cut through the clutter and be purposefully on strategy.

Get to Know Our Process

When you work with MindEcology, your creative isn’t just beautiful, it’s on-point, optimized, and research-driven.

Through our research and objectives-oriented approach, MindEcology places particular focus on your ideal target customer. 

We help you fully realize the creative elements needed to create the biggest impact for your brand.

When developing the creative elements of any campaign, we recommend starting with our MatchPoint Audience definition report. This optional service helps us to understand your ideal customer better. Research and data are key to quality campaigns, and we do our homework to ensure you learn more about your ideal customer.

Our team members, primarily the artists and those driving the strategy and concepting, will then discuss campaign objectives with you. We then compile a creative brief for you, which serves as a working document and guideline for the entire project.

From there our in-house creative lead and lead strategist work together to build taglines and concepts for your creative artwork. You then join back in the process by letting us know how you feel about all mockups.

Finally, your new, beautiful and fully-optimized final artwork runs in a digital or traditional media campaign.


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