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Established 2009
MindEcology Creative Sample


Destination-Tourism Campaign: MindEcology created a year-long campaign to show the various opportunities for people to reconnect with each other, history, nature, and more. The secondary messaging communicates the geographic advantage of the town being accessible to major Texas towns.

What is Brenham-Washington County?


Brenham, Texas combines natural beauty with history, culture and fun! Halfway between Houston and Austin is a place filled with unexpected discoveries. In Brenham, you can two-step into the past, enjoy the local wines, get a scoop of your favorie ice cream flavor at Blue Bell Creameries and search for hidden treasures while geocaching.

Trans Alps Adventure

It’s Time you Reconnect in Brenham

Here, you’ll experience just about everything, except boredom. Reconnect in Brenham with family, friends and natural beauty.