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Established 2009
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McCurtain County

Destination-Tourism Campaign: MindEcology specifically developed strategy and messaging to call out the proximity of this destination to the North Texas and DFW region.

What is McCurtain County?


What better way to cool off in the summertime than to dive headlong into the nearest body of water? Luckily, in McCurtain County you don’t have to go very far in any direction to find one. From a day on the boat in Broken Bow Lake to an impromptu dip in a hidden swimming hole, summer fun is around every corner of Beavers Bend.

Trans Alps Adventure
McCurtain County

Find Out What’s Around the Beavers Bend

What’s Around the Beavers Bend? The Ouachita National Forest wraps the Beavers Bend area in a thick blanket of color. Trails for hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding and even ATVing roam through the tall pines and hardy oaks of this oldest southern American forest. Who knows what you might find lurking just around the Beavers Bend in McCurtain County, Oklahoma? It might even be Bigfoot.