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5 Secret Benefits Of Data-Driven Advertising

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Successful businesses operate with one goal in mind — being as profitable as possible. Well, duh, right?!? In order to get to this point, though, a large amount of behind-the-scenes work has to take place, usually in the form of data driven advertising.

The Way It’s Been…for too long

For generations, business owners found themselves casting a massive net, trying to their hardest to get the word out about their product/service. Sure, they saw results, but they also wasted a lot of time & money. They were trying to market to segments of the population that either didn’t want, need, or care about the product/service being offered. As such, even with coming away with a few new customers, the investment didn’t get the best return.

A Commitment To Learn

The solution? Start digging deeper for actionable data. Advertising teams started putting their efforts to learning more about the audience. What’s their level of education? Do they live in apartments or homes? How much money do they make a year on average? The answers to questions like these & more resulted in the kind of data collection that made targeting advertising efforts much more precise.

In other words, the RIGHT prospective customers could now be reached. Using the right data meant that companies no longer had to guess when it came to their advertising. That’s huge! It’s like having a crystal ball.

Connecting With An Audience

To say that using data to help fuel advertising efforts was a game-changer is putting it lightly. But even the most profit-centric enterprise knows that you just can’t worry about the bottom line. You gotta have the right connection with your customer. Luckily, the use of data allowed companies to start making more emotional connections with their audience. They knew a lot about them, but they also learned about the things that make them tick. This actually boded well for both sides as it: 1) gave companies more ways to appeal to their customer base; and 2) it let customers feel as though they mattered.

Pushing Your Team To New Heights

One of the biggest perks to come from data driven advertising is that it actually makes your advertising team better. The extra info helps to fuel creativity, pushing campaign ideas in new & exciting directions. It helps them really bring into focus the messaging of the company. Branding becomes easier & more succinct. More importantly, it gets all departments on the same page. This consistency gets everyone on the same team and working toward the same goals. It’s about as powerful a driving force as you can imagine & something that’s certainly missing from a lot of companies who are constantly having to reinvent themselves.

Getting The Best Results

The one thing that’s important to remember is that data driven advertising isn’t just something you stumble into. Granted, many social media platforms & search engine accounts are starting to make data more readily available than ever before. The problem? Can you interpret the info AND put it into practice? This is why working with a third-party agency can be of great benefit. They can take their expertise in data collection & implementation and work with your team to craft custom ad campaigns aimed at reaching your goals. More importantly, they can help you create a better experience for your customers, which should always be priority #1.

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