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What Every Entrepreneur Should Know About Audience Definition

Starting a business can be as simple as whipping up a batch of lemonade & setting up a stand outside your house. There’s just one problem: unless you’ve done some serious audience definition to know that your neighborhood actually WANTS lemonade, you might be left with a big lemony failure on your hands.

Entrepreneurs everywhere have learned that in order to get their business off the ground, they need to know what their customers want. Even that is a little presumptuous because you’re assuming you’ve already got customers. You need to know what your prospective customer base is all about, and that’s where audience definition comes into play.

The goal for any business is to market their product/service to the RIGHT audience. Ideally, you want to gauge what needs an audience has & see if you’ve got the ability to fill this need. Otherwise, why waste your time & financial resources in a way that’s certain to have no return on your investment?

If you’re an entrepreneur about to wade into the deep end of advertising & marketing, get the skinny on audience definition:

Know Your Lane

As opposed to “staying in your lane”, the idea here is to understand what your business is all about. The more you understand about who you can help & what makes you different can help you really focus your advertising & marketing efforts.

Allocate Resources Well

No one wants to spend money little to no return. But audience definition is more than just not losing cash. This research gives insight to help your product/service development, and, depending on your results, allow you to move the right personnel into place to maximize your efforts.

Don’t Set & Forget

If you think you can let a campaign coast without tweaking, you’re in for a rude awakening. So long as the make-up of your audience can change, so, too, should your efforts to reach them.

Frequented Platforms

Dishing out marketing gold on Facebook won’t help you if Twitter is the platform of choice for your main audience. Finding out this kind of info leads to less resources being squandered.

Responding To Feedback

Whether in the form of positive or negative input on various platforms, it’s important to see what your audience is saying. Using that info lets you see things from a different perspective, plus your customers feel as though they’re connecting with you.

The biggest thing any entrepreneur needs to take away about audience definition is that it isn’t easy to do on your own, and some might say it’s darn near impossible. You’ve got a company to run after all, right? A big step in the right direction is recognizing the need to get some professional guidance. This is where a killer agency with serious audience definition chops can really take your business to new heights. By breaking down the data behind your prospective audience, they can give you insight into the potential market that exists right outside your door.

MindEcology is an Austin advertising agency that KNOWS audience definition. Get to know them today.

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