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What You Should Expect From Customer Segmentation


If you own a business, you’ve no doubt been overrun by advertising agencies trying to sell you on the merits of customer segmentation. They’ve got flashy presentations ripe with industry speak, and they promise that you’ll reach new heights in terms of success. But you’ve likely asked yourself one important question that few, if any, of these agencies could answer: what can customer segmentation ACTUALLY do to help you meet your goals?

What’s more, did the agency in question even ask about your goals. Far too often, customer segmentation is sold as the golden ticket to unimaginable success & profit. But unless it aligns with what you want to accomplish as a business, it means nothing. Try finding an ad agency that’ll be that honest!

The thing is that customer segmentation is actually a legitimately great strategy to finding the right customer for your product/service. It’s just that most companies aren’t very good at doing it themselves. Try as they might, many of them actually spend their time & money advertising to ‘everyone’ in the hopes of netting a few solid leads. This “spray & pray” marketing is about as effective as rolling dice with your eyes closed. That is to say it’s not the way you want to run your enterprise.

So, you decide to work with an advertising agency because you feel as though they’ve got your back. Great! But what are the realistic expectations you should have when it comes to outlining your customer segmentation strategizing?

Well, think about the following:

Learning About Customers

One thing that customers enjoy is NOT feeling like a customer. They want to be listened to & feel as though their opinion matters just as much as their money. This means that you have to meet them where they are. Simply put, the customer is doing you a favor, not the other way around. A deep understanding of this dynamic is pivotal to being able to tailor marketing materials more effectively.

Understanding and Preparing for Challenges

If there’s one thing the last twelve month have taught businesses, it’s that they need to be ready for anything. Getting a better handle on one’s ideal customer base means that you’ll have a better idea of how this base will react to major changes, both good & bad. “The Great Pivot of 2020” was all about surviving a near-catastrophic change in commerce. It meant reorienting sales goals, shifting customer-centric prospectives, and crafting business practices to be as adaptable as possible now & in the future.

Improving Your Company

In case it hadn’t become overwhelmingly clear, the greatest advantage of using customer segmentation well has to do with becoming a better company. You’re trying to learn about your customers so that you can make a better mousetrap, so to speak (unless you actually make mousetraps). You’re finding better ways to meet challenges & come out better on the other side. Sure, you’re trying to meet your customer’s needs, but you’re systematically becoming more goal-oriented and focused. You’re also making yourself stand out among your competition owning being unique & different.

But it’s important to remember some of the best customer segmentation can come from collaboration with the right advertising agency. They can help your team identify strengths & weaknesses in current campaigns, as well as be another voice that breaks up the company echo chamber. Remember, aside from growing profits, the big goal of customer segmentation is becoming a better company overall.

Customer segmentation & MindEcology, an Austin advertising agency — a winning combination. See what they can do for your business today!

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