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Why Facebook Ads Continue To Be Effective

facebook ads

Be honest: if you’ve used social media in the last five to ten years, you’ve no doubt used Facebook. This, of course, means that you’ve undoubtedly seen your fair share of Facebook ads. You know the ones. You’re scrolling along, checking out the latest pics of your high-school ex’s baby or getting inundated with the newest rabbit hole your aunt is going down regarding her politics. Then, BAM! An ad shows up letting you know about the latest & greatest sale on a specific thing you were thinking about.

‘How in the world???’ you think to yourself. As much as you might think it’s magic, it’s not. It’s actually data analysis at its finest working to get you to click through in a specific way.

What Makes Facebook Ads Different

In many respects, Facebook ads work much like advertising you’d see just about anywhere. For advertising and marketing to do their best work, there’s a need to really get to the heart of an audience. What makes certain folks tick? Where are there needs that aren’t being met? How do certain audiences spend their money? These are the kinds of questions that ad and marketing teams mull over, doing their best to reach the people that want/need a particular product/service the most.

But none of this would be possible without numbers. Data from all kinds of sources is needed to sift through, break down, and use as a foundation for ad campaigns. As gargantuan a task as this may seem to some enterprises, Facebook does it without breaking a sweat. Here’s why:

A Lot of Users

The kind of data used by ad companies to create killer campaigns comes from a lot of sources, including social media. Facebook, through its trials and tribulations, has maintained its status as THE social media platform. Roughly two BILLION people use Facebook everyday, taking advantage of a number of services offered by the social media giant. Keep in mind that the more we interact with social media, the more sources there are for information.


Sure, Facebook has been in the news for the last few years for some not-so-great reasons. What’s more, the platform and its all-encompassing ‘universe’ of services and other properties has undergone a rebranding in the form of Meta and the ‘metaverse’. It feels as though no matter where we choose to interact with others or get our “news” from, Facebook plays a role in it. Again, that much activity doles out some significant data to be perused by the best data scientists in the biz.

Targeted Ads a-Plenty!

Ads on Facebook didn’t find you by accident. The level of targeted work going on behind the scenes is quite impressive. But keep in mind one very important thing — you lead the way. Everything from what you post, apps you use, and the kind of device from which you’re operating all play a role in how best companies can use Facebook ads to reach you. Hence, you’ve got some very specific ads.

Masters of Visual Impact

Social media platforms, as great as they are at some things, aren’t always as diverse in the kind of visuals they can support. Facebook, though, is all about pictures, video, and everything in-between. Couple this with great CTAs and all of a sudden, sales funnels everywhere are going crazy with activity.

Mixing Things Up

If you’ve paid close enough attention, you’ll have noticed that the ads you see on Facebook aren’t always the same. Similarities aside, there are some distinct and sometimes stark differences between ads, even if the companies behind them are in the same industry. Again, this is no coincidence. Facebook knows, as does every other company out there. that variety engages. As such, companies choosing to work on Facebook have ad template choices from which they can work based on your previous engagement. This engagement also fuels the right physical ad placement.

Even mired in less-than-ideal headlines and controversies, Facebook/Meta/etc. and Facebook ads look to be a goldmine for companies trying to reach current and prospective clients/customers where they are. The only question companies need to ask themselves is, “How can we get in on it?”

Facebook ads are an art unto themselves. If you and your operation could use a little help making them work for you, click here to connect with our experts.