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Doing Your Email Marketing Right [Infographic]

Everyone gets emails, far too many. Many of them are rather poorly written and usually bombard inboxes. Each email that arrives in the inbox of the recipient receives only a split second of attention, and the decision to engage or discard is often made at that moment. Ensuring emails get the attention the marketer desires for engagement requires that certain things be put in place.

Know Your Audience

Only proper knowledge of the audience and recipients of the email will make the marketer send them relevant emails. Merely pushing the same message to all the subscribers on the email marketing list without due diligence is one of the worst mistakes of email marketing.

List segmentation is an appropriate tool for sending only the right messages to the right audience. Only then can success be achieved. There are email marketing platforms, such as Marketo, that help ensure that email campaigns just reach the right audience.

Long Is Wrong

When email marketing campaigns just started, they used to come in long essays that had so much content written in small text. Despite the fact that current trends have made those kinds of emails outdated, many marketing campaigns still push out such lengthy emails. Any recipient of such email simply becomes overwhelmed upon receiving the message and instinctively pushes the ?Delete,? ?Add to Spam,? or ?Mark as Read? button.

What people want is to read one central message. Not look at spreadsheets, tables, or lengthy articles. So, the productive thing to do is to keep emails simple by presenting the content in a clear and concise manner.

If the short and sweet content interests the reader, they will engage with the email and follow the call-to-action. Too much information is usually ineffective and gives the reader too much to process, leaving them likely confused about what step to take.

A significant point in support of short emails is the fact that most emails (more than 60%) are read on mobile devices. When they don?t render well on mobile devices, or when the message cannot be comprehended in a few seconds, they are usually deleted.


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