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11 Healthcare Marketing Tips for 2023

What could a notion like healthcare marketing even entail? After all, the healthcare field is filled with things like hospitals, community clinics, and other ways to provide medical services to the community-at-large. How in the world, or rather, why in the world, would there be a need for any of these entities to market themselves in any way?

By default, people get sick and injured, thereby requiring them to seek out medical attention. Folks will look for the nearest services to them & head that way. Some pay with insurance, others out of pocket, and BAM! Transaction over. Why would marketing play a role in the medical industry? In truth, that is a fairly loaded question with a VERY complex answer. A basic framework has it that healthcare, as a whole, has been operated as a for-profit enterprise, run by for-profit individuals. At the end of the day, the job of the “company” is, well, to make money.

But even with the discomfort of the state of modern medicine aside, marketing does become quite an essential part of the healthcare field’s short- and long-term success. For example:

  • it can be a savvy way to recruit talent, especially when it is needed most
  • it can help make connections with important fundraising partners

But knowing how best to reach out and make the right impression on the surrounding community may not be the easiest thing for a healthcare facility. Therein lies why there has been a major push for economic-minded business leaders to head up the organization to help lead in these endeavors.

With much of 2023 still ahead, there are some major steps forward healthcare providers can take to help in their marketing efforts. These include:

  • establishing goals (short- & long-term), financial or otherwise
  • knowing one’s audience
  • building a strong online presence, including social media
  • active engagement with the community, in person & online (e.g., social media)
  • producing & putting out quality content across all platforms

These steps are what would be considered ‘the basics’ when establishing either a long overdue or never-before-seen marketing strategy. Healthcare facilities need to understand a lot about themselves and their product/service(s) before they can reach anyone. Furthermore, they need to know what they’d like to accomplish, in both literal & figurative terms. Plus, they need the right personnel to actively work to engaging with where most audiences live — on social media platforms.

To that extent, healthcare facilities also need to work on developing their teams on all fronts, even those on the non-medical side. It isn’t the most comforting thing to hear, either as a patient or a medical professional. However, a statement by Stewart Gandolf about the current state of healthcare is as true a statement as there has ever been:

“Healing is an art, medicine is a profession, but healthcare is a business.”

Ultimately, marketing is key to the healthcare profession as it helps showcase the value of the facility, the staff, and all that it can offer in the way of state-of-the-art care. Medical professionals can focus their efforts on what they do best while the marketing people can flex their own strengths. The goal one hopes to reach is a steady level of teamwork across the board, where everyone is on the same page AND the same team.

This unified front creates even more marketing goodwill in the way of overall credibility of the individual facility & the industry, something that can often be lacking in healthcare in this day and age.

Rounding out the major healthcare marketing tips to take to heart this year, it should be at the top of every healthcare system’s list to make patient focus priority number one. Work should be done to emphasize:

  • equitability in access to medicine and information
  • simplicity in messaging
  • integration of multigenerational/multicultural elements to working with communities

But healthcare marketing isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes skill, time, and a willingness to regularly tweak things. Here at MindEcology, we know two things — data and marketing strategy. Let us show you how we can use them to help you reach your goals.