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Established 2009


CMO Service

We’ll Be Your Chief Marketing Officer

At MindEcology, we were data before data was cool. Now just because we were one of the first, doesn’t mean we’re the best. What makes us the best is that we’ve been accurately and effectively translating data findings into real-world, actionable decisions for 10 years now.

Led by our data scientist, Dr. Jed Jones, we have a team of marketers who understand, appreciate and rely on predictive modeling, focus groups, audience definition, database mining and research. In other words – Data. We love it. We know it. And what matters most to you is…We know what to do with it.

We’ll put our data knowledge up against any other advertising you’ll find and we invite you to challenge us on that by contacting us today.


Audience Definition

Know thy customer. Everybody should, but most don’t. Our advanced, data-driven audience definition is market segmentation on hyperdrive.

Data Cleanup & Discovery
Bring us your messy, noisy, inconsistent data. We’ll make it pretty. Then we’ll show you how to make it do amazing things for you.
Predictive Modeling
Data can point toward your most probable future. That kind of insight is very good for business decision-making. We’ll show you.


Things we do well, and ways in which you’re well-served.


At some point, somebody has to call the shots and make a decision. Companies hire us for our experience, knowledge and ability to point the marketing efforts in the right direction. Strategy is a real-world skill set that we use every day.

Data & Research

Data. It’s the hot advertising buzzword in today’s market. And it should be. Data is important to making smarter, more informed business decisions. We’ll put our data knowledge up against any other advertising agency and we invite you to challenge us today.


Creative without strategy is just pretty pictures. It’s one of the oldest sayings in advertising and one we believe here at MindEcology. The average American sees 3,000 ads a day – so creative needs to cut through the clutter, tell your story and drive sales – right away.

Digital & Online

The leaders of MindEcology have been in online marketing since online marketing first started. We combine our data prowess with our creative minds and decades of experience to deliver you an online campaign that’s measurable, effective and makes you money.

Social Media

Can we talk? Social marketing is here to stay, and great social marketing involves talking, telling stories and capturing your audience’s attention. We know how to do the tech stuff. More importantly, we know how to tell stories. Better photography. Better video. Better stories.


We don’t need to tell you that everyone is spending A LOT of time on their cellphones. What you do need to know is that you can use geofencing to harness the location services on those phones and not only identify potential customers but also deliver targeting advertising to them.