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5 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A New Advertising Agency

For companies looking to overcome rough times, hiring a new advertising agency might be the answer.

Business owners are always trying to make their brand grow. Working with an ad agency helps get this done while freeing you up to actually run the business. Interesting concept, huh?

One question, though — how do you know you’re hiring the right agency?

Hiring the wrong agency can lead to wasted time and money. It means investing in worthless strategies and risking irreparable harm to your business. Any agency worth its weight will allow your business to reach the goals you set for yourself. At best, the wrong ad agency can leave you in the same place you were before working with them. You’ve worked too hard for this to happen, which means you need to be on your ‘A’ game when hiring an advertising agency to handle things.

First and foremost, always remember that an advertising agency is only as successful as the results they bring to your business. As such, when hiring an ad agency, you need to have the resolve to ask tough questions.

Staying Relevant

For example, ask about any changes an agency seen in the last five years. Everything in business has evolved, and advertising is no different. You want to be sure a prospective ad agency has weathered changes well and remained on the cutting edge.

Holding Onto Clients

Next, find out how long clients maintain a relationship with the ad agency. Trust in an agency’s abilities and results usually means a solid track record in maintaining clients. This also involves asking questions regarding experience getting results for businesses like yours. They may have a great track record, but your industry might have unique characteristics that demand more attention.

Everything’s Copacetic

Third, professional sports teams always talk about chemistry in the locker room. Companies are the same way. Ask about the culture of the advertising agency. Will they be a good fit with you? The goal, of course, is that everyone on both sides click and are on the same page.

Getting Down to Brass Tacks

Now, it’s time to get tough. You need to ask how an advertising agency will deliver the results you’re after. All agencies are trying to get your business. They may offer a “big picture” presentation that’s impressive, but you need details as to how your company will benefit from their services. It’s about ROI, and you want to be sure your budget dollars go far. You also want to be sure that an agency’s campaign ideas are more than what you could’ve done yourself.

Constructive, Collaborative Work

Finally, you want to find out how well an advertising agency is willing to say, “No.” You may have a vision, but it may be flawed. The right agency won’t be afraid to tell you this. They also understand that you don’t want to be chastised and rebuked every time you make a suggestion. It’s a team effort after all.

In the end, your approach to choosing an advertising agency is the same as interviewing a prospective employee. You have to run them through a gauntlet of questions to see what they bring to the table. It can be an exhaustive search and one that does not come easy. Just remember to trust your instincts.

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