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Ten Extremely Cool Things You Can Do With ConversionPoint


New technologies such as MindEcology’s ConversionPoint allow you to track and score individual visitors – not only just as a “visit” but as an individual with a name and a company name! In fact, you can track them through time, even when they leave your site and visit again later.

Here are ten extremely cool things you can do with Website visitor tracking:

1: Start your day with an email keeping you in the loop of who?s looking at your site, what they?re looking at, and how they got to you.

2: Dig a little deeper into the leads by checking out their entire life cycle or interaction with you. Visitor ID tags and tracks your visitors? actions over time and assigns each of them a lead score, allowing you to focus on those most engaged.

3: When a visitor reads a certain article on your site, have ConversionPoint send them an email featuring customized content specific to their interests instantly or over time.

4: Generate a report to see how your social media marketing campaigns are performing. You can compare your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. campaigns all in one shot.

5: Get notified instantly via email or text message if a lead visits an important page.

6: Invite leads to connect automatically when they take certain actions. For instance, when a lead fills out a form on your site, ConversionPoint can instantly send a LinkedIn Invite to Connect allowing you to grow your social network and create a much more personal experience for your lead.

7: Multiply your lead list by creating auto-fill forms on your site. Your visitors will be much more inclined to hit that Submit button when everything is already filled out for them, converting cold prospects to leads in an instant!

8: Sync up Conversion Point with your CRM to pass valuable data to and from effortlessly. This powerful intelligence can equip your sales team for the close.

9: When a visitor takes an interest in a specific topic or performs a particular action, have ConversionPoint assign a lead owner, someone within your organization that can nurture the lead.

10: Link your Google Ads campaign for additional insights, like your end-to-end conversion cost so you can understand the true ROI of your marketing efforts.