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The Step-by-Step Guide To A Scaleable Marketing Plan

Making it in business can mean different things to different people. But after you do ‘make it’, where do you go from there? Considering you found success as you defined it, you might think that there’s something in leaving well enough alone. The problem is that you’ve effectively closed off your company from any further success. There’s no room for movement except down, the one direction no business wants to move in.

As such, the concept of the scaleable marketing plan might be worth investigating. Every company, even if the nomenclature of their advertising & marketing work isn’t as such, has a marketing plan they’ve implemented. They’ve chosen to go about finding customers with a high interest in their product/service in ways that are easy & comfortable. The problem is that this is as far as the planning goes. So, it should be no surprise that when ‘success’ is achieved, it’s time to just coast & ride the wave.

What Goes Up ALWAYS Comes Down

But what happens when the market changes? The last two years dealt a blow to a wide range of businesses across a variety of industries. Once the bottom fell out of the market with spending habits & available income swiftly changing, businesses didn’t know how to handle the downturn. What’s more, they had no ‘Plan B’ to enact. This left many business owners scrambling for, well, any modicum of income.

Scaleable marketing plans are all about planning for ups AND downs in business. The inherent movement of the market are what makes being in business frustrating as it is invigorating. There’s a need to take the good with the bad. However, taking it is only half the work. There’s a need to know what to do with the good & the bad. Otherwise, instead of operating as a dynamic enterprise, you’ll sit idle & static.

How to Make Scaleability Work for You

In terms of hammering out a scaleable marketing plan, there are a few steps to take in order to get started:

Budget — Perhaps the toughest part of creating a marketing plan of any kind starts with knowing how you want to spend money. When times are lean, it’s important to know that the budget with which you’re working is being spent wisely. Furthermore, when you’ve hit a boom, it’s important to think about investing back into your marketing efforts to keep the boom alive.

Expansion  While most companies believe it’s important to focus on the now, there’s a lot to be said about thinking ahead when it comes to growth. Establishing goals related to having/needing a bigger space, hiring more, and even offering more products/services must happen from the start.

The Basics — Every marketing plan has basic elements, the likes of which help keep your company’s name out in front of an ideal audience. Market research, breaking down the competition, and basic marketing strategy work are just some of what goes into the plan. The work you do here will provide the baseline from which to start.

Fixing Things — Along with the basics comes fixing what’s wrong. Much of what needs to be worked on in your marketing will show itself in the metrics you review. Pinpoint the areas where efficiency & productivity aren’t happening so that you can fix them. Remember, it’s all about getting to a healthy baseline from which the scaleable marketing plan will work.

A Good Plan Starts with the Right Help

As such, one of the things you need to fix when trying to create a scaleable marketing plan is admitting you need help with the process. Few things are as important to the success of your operation than knowing you don’t have the knowledge or experience to do something in the best way. Don’t consider it a weakness — it’s a show of strength to do all you can to help your company achieve its goals now & in the future.

An Austin advertising agency like MindEcology doesn’t just help you build a scaleable marketing plan — they show you how to use it. See what we’re all about today.