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A Beginner’s Guide To The Best Customer Profile

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You may find this hard to believe, there are a massive amount of products available to the public that are total trash. It’s as though the companies behind them all opted to go without building the best customer profile and said, ‘Meh, somebody’ll pay for this.’

This all sounds like a complete disaster that could never be sustainable, right? So, how come these subpar products are everywhere? Turns out that a lot of research has gone into understanding the EXACT best customer profile to sell these goods. That’s why you still see them for sale and why many of these products are in their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generations.

Maybe They’re Just Not Into You

Most folks who own/run a business are working under one particularly problematic flaw — that EVERYONE wants their product/service. Take the time to hammer out those logistics. The deeper you go into the numbers behind the ‘everyone wants my product’, the more it becomes clear that you’d go broke quick trying to reach all of those people. As such, creating the best customer profile allows companies to concentrate their efforts in reaching those who actually want a particular product/service. It also means maintaining solid relationships with current customers so that they remain longtime customers.

The Ins and Outs of the Best Customer Profile Work…on YOUR End: 

What Do You Do?

A classic scene from the film, Office Space, hits the nail right on the head when the Bobs show up and need to start letting folks go. One of them asks a simple yet powerful question:

“What, what would you say…you do here?” (followed by exasperated facial expression)

You may run a business, but that doesn’t mean you’ve got a handle on your purpose. Getting clarity on brand identity and a clear understanding of how your operation works will allow you to know how best to reach out to a potential client.

Customer Experience

You’ve probably heard phrases like “journey map” but weren’t sure what it meant. Basically, it’s all the touch points that a customer will encounter as they interact with you. It’s important to remember that they all need to mean something. Social media, email, it’s all connected and leads right to you. If a potential customer feels lost on their ‘journey’ to you, it’s likely they’ll never fully connect and move on.

Understanding An Industry

In order to create an identity, you not only need to know who you are and what you do, you also need to know your industry. The history, the evolution, the future, it all becomes important in painting a complete picture of your business/company/brand so that your potential customer ‘gets’ you.

Establishing Personas

While an advanced portion of the best customer profile process, the establishment of personas is key to making your audience come into focus. Each persona takes on certain characteristics and is formed through a careful look at demographic and psychographic data. The final product is a fully formed ‘person’ (hence, persona) that exists to help guide advertising and marketing efforts.

Customer Insight and Feedback

Understanding the customer and trying to ascertain the best customer profile also means coming face-to-face with potential, if not actual, pain points in the customer experience. Being willing to hear from current and potential customers allows you to connect with folks in a meaningful way. It also gives you some great insight into tweaking your product/service AND further refining your ad/marketing work.

The Importance of Adapting and Making Changes

Finally, it’s important to know that the best customer profile must always have room for tweaking. Adapting to changing audiences and trends will help you stay in the mix longer than your static competitors.

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