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How To Know If You Have The Best Customer Profile

Quick question — what are time and money for a business? If you’re running a business & not operating with a best customer profile strategy, you’re wasting both of these. That’s fairly fast & furious into a topic, but that’s the way business goes. What’s more, business owners don’t have a lot of wiggle room when it comes to the amount of disposable income they’ve got or the amount of time they can use. You know, precious resources & what have you. The big lesson to take away is that if you use your allotted budget in ways that don’t actually focus on the right things or the right potential customers, you’re throwing money away, which is never good for business.

Not using best customer profiling is doing exactly that — throwing money away. It’s a great strategy that allows you to really get insight into how best to target the RIGHT customer for your product/service.

But maybe you are actually working with a best customer profile but just not calling it that. Just because a business owner isn’t savvy with the lingo doesn’t mean s/he doesn’t know how to run things. If sounds a little like you, here are a few ways to know if you’ve got the best customer profile:

Hyper-Targeted Segmentation

Are you developing detailed ideas about best potential customers by pinning down info about their relationship status, where they live, as well as education and income level? Maybe you’re even trying to find out if they are big on using mobile technology & social media platforms.

Personas and Team Vocabulary

Segmentation leads to the development of personas that become so engrained in your advertising and marketing team’s vocabulary that it becomes second nature. You understand these “people” and how they tick, and you use this to find matches.

Identifying Motivating Factors To Buy

Have you figured out what makes someone not only put something in their virtual cart but then actually complete the sale? If so, then you’ve got something special. Best customer profiling needs to have this for sure, and if you’re starting to see results, you’re one step ahead of a lot of folks.

Knowing how to best use a best customer profile is a big deal. In one instance, a business is using all manner of metrics and diagnostics to create profiles & customer segmentation so as to understand their best potential customer. They’re also learning an incredible amount of info about people enough to establish a very real connection with them through their product/service. In short, best customer profiling, when done with proficiency & expertise, allows your business to have greater focus & spend less time guessing about what might work.

A Solid Strategy is Worth Calculated Risks

How a company chooses to use the data can make all the difference in the world. Best customer profiling is no exception. One thing that can sometimes takes place is creating a best customer profile from misunderstood data. Not only does it throw off the marketing of a product/service, but it can skew product/service development. This miscalculation can have massive consequences for a business. They, in essence, already feel as though they know their customer when it turns out, they don’t. Such an error can be hard to recover from — if at all.

Developing a best customer profile is a tremendously successful strategy. While there are some pitfalls, businesses well-versed in the practice are in a great position to succeed now & help ensure success in the future.

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