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Established 2009

Matching Marketing to Tactics



The client is the convention and visitors bureau for a Texas city that?s a popular tourism and entertainment destination, drawing visitors from Texas and beyond.


Increasingly over the last few years, the client has enjoyed considerable increased visibility as a Texas tourism destination. ?Recently, however, the client became aware that hotel sales had become somewhat flat ? and even more significantly, the slowdown was being noted at the onset of summer, a season that is usually marked by high visitor traffic. The client?s executive team therefore became concerned that a downturn in summer tourism was imminent if they didn?t take action.


Faced with a possible loss of summer tourism revenue, the client decided it was time to revisit the findings of a MatchPoint? Analytic report previously commissioned from MindEcology, a marketing and advertising agency with special expertise in best customer profiling/marketing strategy. The MatchPoint report had been completed for two purposes:

  1. Identification of the psycho-demographic profiles of the city?s best customers/best visitors ? the characteristics and motivations of the customer segments who liked to visit the city more than other customer segments.
  2. Creation of geographical target market analysis and marketing recommendations that helped the client understand how to find and convert untapped prospects who looked the most like the city?s existing best customers.

From the client?s executive director:

MindEcology?s report was very comprehensive. It helped us determine if we were correct in our assumptions about who was coming to visit our city. We learned more about our best visitors? likes, dislikes, and motivations ? and how to best communicate with those visitors.

Even more importantly, the MatchPoint report opened our eyes to new markets, because it helped us understand how to find more visitors who looked just like our best visitors. All in all, we were thrilled with the results.


To jumpstart summer tourism, the client reviewed the characteristics of its two best visitor personas ? including location, attitudes, motivations, and media habits ? and used that insight to quickly put together a marketing campaign designed to reach and convert high potential prospects for summer travel.


As a result of the MatchPoint-fueled summer marketing campaign, the client was able to achieve some of its best tourism results to date.?From the client:

Based on the findings of the MatchPoint report, we targeted certain markets with PR, social media, and online advertising campaigns ? and then we really hit those markets hard.

Our efforts definitely paid off. The phones started lighting up ? and we ended up having the best July and August in our history. Now we?re looking at ways to further leverage the insights from the MatchPoint? report, so that we can continue to build upon this success moving forward.


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