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What You Can Do With The Ideal Customer Profile

ideal customer profile

It sounds a bit miraculous, doesn’t it? The ‘ideal customer profile’. To read it out loud, one would believe that somehow, there was a way for a company to have access to information so detailed, it could offer the EXACT right customer the EXACT right product/service. But that’s impossible, if not downright patently ridiculous, right?


Actually, no. Though known by a few names such as customer profiling, personas, or customer segmentation, establishing an ideal customer profile has long been a proven practice by many companies seeking to put together the perfect combination of client/customer need/want and company offering. 

But you might be asking yourself, ‘Isn’t every person a prospective ‘right customer’’? No, and it’s important to understand that as early as possible in the process. At the end of the day, 100% of people will not want your product/service. Don’t believe that? Consider the following:

  • you sell coffee…some folks only drink tea
  • you repair lawn equipment…some folks live in condos with no yards
  • you own a steak restaurant…many are exploring vegan/non-meat lifestyles
  • you run a stationery store…many have moved on to digital formats only

You get the idea. At the end of the day, companies need to sort out who will be the best prospective customers to direct their advertising and marketing materials toward. For starters, it saves time. Once contracts for leases, business loans, and other operations-related matters get signed, it is imperative to get the ball rolling. While it can be intoxicating to think of profit from the start, mismanaging your advertising and marketing can lead to desperation for any kind of revenue just to keep the doors open.

Ideal customer profile work also saves money. For example, let’s say you’re putting together some fliers for your new business. Even when you opt for the weird color because it’s cheaper, it still costs you money. If you spent time canvassing an area that has zero chance of return on your investment, you might as well have taken the original money and thrown it into the trash. What’s more, you also wasted valuable time and energy better used toward more strategic work.

But for all that can be said about what ideal customer profile work can do for the business from an external standpoint, there is also plenty that can be said for its impact on internal operations. Far more often than not, companies can get caught up in themselves, becoming echo chambers for tired ideas, listless strategies, and celebrating past successes. Breaking down the data that goes into finding the ideal customer profile ultimately helps find holes in the business. ‘Holes’ can either be operational or even on the personnel side.

Furthermore, ideal customer profile strategizing can allow companies to streamline their overall branding and messaging. These are the most recognizable elements of a company and what defines them to a customer base. But if a company doesn’t have a cohesive team all standing behind their own brand or message, it shows more than one might imagine.

Perhaps the best thing that comes with using ideal customer profile work is that it gives companies a chance to connect with their clients/customers in more personal ways. Whether it is through responding to comments on social media, interacting with them live chats, or making product/service revisions based on client/customer pain points, it’s all about zeroing in on the right person and making a lasting connection.

Could your operation use some help narrowing down its ideal customer profile? We can help. MindEcology is an Austin advertising agency that specializes in making data-driven marketing work for our clients and we’d like to make it work for you. Call us today.