An Open-Door Approach

When you engage with OpenDoorData for a data project, you will talk directly with our Chief Data Scientist, Jed Jones, Ph.D. Jed leads our small, highly-trained team of data science professionals. There is no passing along of work to our overseas partners. There is no domestic outsourcing of tasks. What you see is what you get: an open-door approach to customer communication.

Why Data Analysis for Organizations?

Data is one of your organization’s most important assets. In fact, the unused data you already have regarding your operations, your customers, your competitors, and the marketplace – when leveraged intelligently – potentially contains more untapped monetary value than anything else in your business. This is latent value waiting to be uncorked, synthesized, and poured directly into your strategic decision-making machine.

Our Difference

What makes us different? With us you get raw, powerful data analysis that connects to actionable recommendations. You get direct access to experienced data science minds. You get simple, plain-language service agreements with clearly defined deliverables. And you get on-time project delivery. In other words, you get what you always wanted in a data partner but may have been hesitant to ask for.

Typically, clients come to us when they find themselves in need of:
  1. An unbiased data strategy advisor who is not tied to any single methodology, software platform, or approach, and
  2. An open door approach to asking questions, determining needs and finding a solution to your data needs

Analytics Services

At OpenDoorData, we are experts at finding meaningful patterns in raw, structured, and semi-structured data of any type, for any industry. We turn statistically significant patterns into usable information, upon which we base our findings and recommendations to help your organization succeed.

Services Include:
  • Analytics
  • Big data processing
  • Business intelligence
  • Customer analytics
  • Customized analytics
  • Data discovery
  • Data documentation
  • Data hygienics
  • Data monetization
  • Data mining
  • Data strategy consulting
  • Data visualization
  • Lifetime value analysis
  • Marketing analytics
  • Neural network modeling
  • Predictive modeling
  • Statistical modeling

Our Process

Generally speaking, our projects follow these key steps:

Our Pricing

We price by the project or on a retainer basis, depending upon client needs. Typically, projects have a minimum engagement fee of $750.

What We Are Not

Data science and services is a pretty big universe. While we can and do touch upon pretty much anything data related, we certainly aren’t everything to all people. For example, we are not a software platform. We don’t offer cloud hosting services. We don’t do on-site hardware inspections or offer data compliance audits. Here is a list of what we don’t do.

  • Not an algorithm [but we use them]
  • Not a call center outsourcing company
  • Not a cloud services provider
  • Not a competitor benchmarking consultant
  • Not a dashboard [but we can build you one]
  • Not a data governance provider
  • Not a data security consultancy
  • Not a data visualization tool
  • Not a hosting or data warehouse company [but we can deliver these as part of a solution]
  • Not a legal compliance service for data
  • Not a list provider [but we can provide lists as part of a solution]
  • Not a managed infrastructure or managed services provider
  • Not a one-size-fits-all solution or methodology
  • Not an SAAS [but we use them]
  • Not a software or hardware recommendation service
  • Not a software platform
  • Not a tech help desk or computer diagnostician
  • Not a technical installation or implementation team
  • Not an on-site audit provider
  • Not specific to any given industry or type of application

About Our Data Scientist

Jed Jones, Ph.D

  • Chief Data Scientist
  • Jed Jones, Ph.D has accrued over 20 years of data wrangling and analytics experience for Fortune 100 companies and small businesses alike.  Jed has performed data analysis for clients in a variety of industries, including computer manufacturing, inter-networking, automotive, logistics, retail, entertainment and destination, finance, legal, and real estate.  Jed has built neural network-driven predictive models, logged over 15,000 hours in MS Excel, and leverages coding languages such as Python and R for data analysis.

Data Tools & Techniques

MS Excel, SQL, Python, R, ESRI Mapping, Neural Networks, Bayesian Techniques, K-nearest Neighbors, Nonlinear Regression, Stochastic Analysis, Natural Language Processing.

Other Skills & Experience

Fluent in Japanese, conversational in Spanish. BA in Japanese, MBA in marketing, PhD in organizational system inquiry (systems thinking for social systems). Worked in or traveled to 35 countries. Member, International Society for the Systems Sciences (ISSS).

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