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Meet your marketing avengers. We select and hire people we know, like and trust.

Data leader. Online pioneer. Analytical problem solver.

Dr. Jed Jones

Co-Founder, Data Scientist & Digital Director
Data leader. Online pioneer. Analytical problem solver.

Jed has an algorithm on how to solve your business challenge and the marketing savvy to make all digital things happen. He runs our new Open Door Data division.

Darren Drewitz

Co-Founder & Lead Strategist
Strategy. Branding. Media nerd. Marketing profession advocate.

If Darren could tour the country discussing marketing strategy and promoting the idea that marketing is best left to the professionals, he’d probably leave tomorrow.

David Drewitz

Managing Director, Denver
Creative concepts. Neuromarketer. Media junkie.

Jack of all trades, master of them all, David has the ability to conceive, produce and manage everything.

Erin Cardona

Lead Designer
Idea Crafter. Story Teller. Creator of beautiful things.
Erin creates meaning through design. Her work is deeply rooted from both the left and right sides of the brain.

Leah Armstrong

Business Analyst & Conversion Specialist
Multi-talented. On Point. Idea improver. Email excellence.

Leah makes reading the numbers and improving response rates with targeted creative seem fun. And for her, it is.

Stephanie Fisher

Social Media Manager
Artist. Wildly creative. Spunky. Loves purple.

Stephanie can normally be found behind the lens of her camera photographing content for our clients.

Jordan Coronado

Social Media Manager
Explorer. Curator. Client Focused. Goal Driven.

Jordan loves to create fun, experience-driven content that enables followers to engage with a brand on a new level.

Sherri Cline

SEO Project Manager
Traveler. Hill Country Original. Precise.

Sherri is crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s to make sure your search results are where they need to be.

Jaime Stickler

A/R & A/P Specialist
Keeper of books. Detail-oriented. Sports Mom.

Dollars and cents… Jaime keeps the numbers straight, always making sure our clients and partners have financial transparency.

Andy Gonzalez

Social Media Advertising
Marketer. Musician. Father. Martial Artist. Technician.

Andy makes the world of social advertising come alive and work. He masters the advertising platforms like he does his Jiu Jitsu opponents.

Ryan Chadek

Web Developer
Coder. Musician. Biohacker. Design Thinker.

Ryan takes a human-centered design approach to help bridge the gap between man and machine. He enjoys arranging 1’s and 0’s to make something beautiful.

Whitney Fields

Account Director
Connector. Collaborator. PR Pro. Ambivert.

Whitney coordinates and manages marketing plans with a service-oriented mindset to achieve brand goals and objectives.

Garett McDonald

Outbound Strategist
Marketing Enthusiast | Adventurer | Foodie | Thinker

Garett takes a thoughtful approach to outbound marketing to help connect great companies with great customers.

Chip Herendeen

Outbound Success
Energetic | Persistent | Inquisitive | Humorous

Chip is enthusiastic in his approach to outbound marketing and helps forge strong customer relationships.

Austin Office

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    11801 Domain Blvd, 3rd Floor
    Austin, TX 78758

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    444 South Washington Street
    Denver, CO 80209

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