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Established 2009

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Our PPC campaigns drive more traffic and better conversions at a lower cost-per-click.

  • One of fastest, most effective ways to drive traffic to your website is a well-managed pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign.

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    PPC campaigns involve the placement of text and banner ads on search engine results and on websites throughout the Internet, as well as social media sites. When visitors to those platforms see your ads and find them interesting, they click through to your website ? delivering you instant traffic and potential lifetime customers.

    Because PPC campaigns are keyword-based, they?re more likely to bring prospective customers to your website who are pre-disposed to have strong interest in what you have to say or sell. Other advantages and benefits of PPC advertising include:

    • Hyper-targeting: Is your best customer a red-headed, left-handed marathon runner who was born on a Tuesday? No problem. MindEcology?s deep expertise in SEM (search engine marketing) allows us to target your campaign in any direction. The process we use at MindEcology, for example, is so finely tuned that we can even target those zip codes most likely to be rich with your best prospects, by leveraging our customer segmentation methodology, MatchPoint?.

    • Total control: When it comes to PPC campaigns, you start with a budget as high or as low as you?d like. As your campaign progresses, you can increase or decrease your budget based on your campaign?s results – and you can stop at any time, and resume whenever you wish.
    • Marketing intelligence: The insights garnered from what works and what doesn?t, in terms of keywords and ad placements, can be applied to your overall marketing and advertising strategy.
    • MindEcology?s PPC Campaign Deliverables:

      PPC advertising is very equal opportunity ? anyone with a valid credit card and something to promote can set up a campaign. But don?t let the do-it-yourself access of PPC fool you: Management of highly effective PPC campaigns requires time, attention and deep expertise. We should know, because we?ve managed dozens of campaigns, for clients in a range of industries, in the last decade – Collectively, these campaigns have resulted in millions of dollars of revenue for those businesses ? with a minimum amount of time and effort invested on their end.

      We work on campaigns across platforms:

      • Text ads
      • Banner ads
      • Retargeting campaigns
      • Social media campaigns
      • Display and search networks
      • Google, Bing, and Yahoo networks
      • We execute advertising campaigns on each of those mediums with the essential elements of successful campaigns in mind: Proper setup, consistent optimzation, and customer targeting. Read ?The Anatomy of A Winning PPC Campaign?.
      • Getting Started

        Getting started with our pay-per-click services is easy. Just contact a MindEcology pay-per-click campaign representative and we will lead you through the process. We do all of the work to set up and optimize your campaign, sending you regular reports showing you how things are going. That way, there are no surprises. We will even set up a Google Analytics account for you at no additional charge. Contact our Austin advertising agency today to find out more.