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How To Make PPC Marketing Work For You

ppc marketing

As satisfying as it is to have organic traffic come through on your website, especially if it translates to sales, there are times when a little boost is needed. This is where PPC marketing becomes a major player. PPC (pay-per-click) is, in essence, a type of strategy put in place where a company pays every time their ad is clicked (the name sorta gives it away). The key to making the strategy work is getting the ad to be as visible as possible, as well as inviting.

A good way of looking at PPC marketing is like a sprint when compared to search engine optimization, which is sort of like a marathon. SEO work gets laid in place for the long run. PPC marketing is about giving a burst of visibility in the ‘now’, something that many companies may have a hard time doing on their own. But as with any strategy, it is only as good as the work being done behind it.

PPC campaigns are supposed to be composed of relevant keywords that are bid on that help get a company’s ads to show up to prospective customers. This, in turn, helps drive traffic to the company’s website where further machinations will hopefully funnel the customer into a final sale. But if the original keywords being used for the campaign aren’t great to begin with, then results will not be ideal. In fact, many marketing agencies note that in recent years, their new clients reported ditching PPC marketing efforts within a couple of weeks, if not days, simply because they did not see discernible results.

But there’s the kicker — what is a discernible result? If PPC marketing is only being attempted a bit, then is it really is being done at all? In order to make it work to one’s advantage, there are a few things that have to be taken into consideration. For example:

  • make sure your keywords are relevant to your brand
  • keep things simple and don’t crowd campaigns with too many ads
  • use of negative keywords will save money by excluding your ads from searches that have nothing to do with your brand

There is one major debate that has taken hold in the marketing world regarding PPC work and that is the relevance of automation. As more talk of AI’s role in every facet of life grows, even advertising and marketing professionals see the encroachment of AI in their world. Then again, it has been a staple for a number of years, slowly becoming more adept and detailed as time has gone on. The ease of use that automated free PPC tools give to business owners is remarkable. However, it does cause one major problem — no one, it seems, is paying enough attention.

If there is one thing that can make PPC marketing work for any company, it is paying attention to the analytics. The numbers involved in PPC work are what will bring about successful campaigns and discernible ROI. But it does mean things such as CTR (click-through rate), quality scores, and conversion rates become a regular part of regular responsibilities. Even knowing when to put certain keywords on hold starts with interpreting data.

But in all honesty, there are many companies out there who don’t know a thing about PPC marketing, and that’s OK. Instead of taking a shot at things and seeing what happens, why not hire a professional agency who knows the ropes? PPC marketing is just one of the things that we do here at MindEcology. We’re an Austin advertising agency that is all about data-driven results.

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