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Established 2009


Welcome to MindEcology’s Worldwide Headquarters

Think of it as our grocery store, where the shelves are chock full of data-driven products designed to help you grow or start your business.

Before we give you the product tour, we’d like you to read a few essays about the four Ps of marketing, the history of advertising, and the theoretical foundations of data analysis.

We’re totally kidding, of course. Not that we don’t love to indulge our scholarly side now and then and talk a little theory. In fact, we do it often on our blog and our social media platforms. But we recognize that clients don’t always have the time or interest to deep dive into the “why” of our data analytics products. They just want to know the “how”?as in how the products are going to help them grow their businesses.

We get it. And that’s why the brief tours of each of the products listed on this page pretty much stick to the highlights?the “how”, as well as “why” our products and services should interest you. But if you want to take a deeper dive, we’d love to show you more of the data science behind what we do. Here’s a good place to get started.

One final word: All of our products are designed to help your narrow the focus of your marketing to your best-converting prospects, better marketing ROI, and making data-driven marketing decisions. Our goal is two-fold: 1: We use data to focus your marketing execution and 2: We make specific recommendations about your marketing execution.

Enjoy your tour. And pay attention. We’re having a quiz later.
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MindEcology’s Products:

MatchPoint ?
Custom Analysis