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MailPoint’s direct mail strategy helps you sign, seal and deliver your message – straight into the hands of your customers.

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“Print is dead!” It’s a battle cry trumpeted by a chorus of (alleged) marketing and advertising experts around the world each day.

If that’s true, the corpse certainly is lively. *A whopping 50% of Americans still purchase from print catalogs, and those purchases average out at about $850 annually per shopper. And direct mail? It was part of the $93 billion dollars spent in offline marketing in 2012. Here’s further evidence: Direct mail response rates are still competitive (if not superior) to their digital counterparts. And about 75% of B2B marketers rate direct mail as “very effective.”

The fact is?data shows that print is anything but dead. And those who purport otherwise often have a stake in selling something digital. If you believe that print and direct mail tactics have a place in your marketing strategy (and we can help you make that determination , by the way) MindEcology’s MailPoint research tool can prove effective indeed in helping you achieve a solid ROI on your print and direct mail marketing efforts.

Just how cool is this MailPoint product?
Pretty dang cool, as a matter of fact. Our clients generally achieve a 300%-500% ROI on direct mail campaigns managed or guided by MindEcology.

Using the foundation of our signature research tool, MatchPoint , MailPoint helps us:

  • Identify the zip code clusters and households most likely to contain your customers.
  • Hammer out a campaign schedule by determining frequency, type and timing of your mailings.
  • Identify messages and creative strategies that are most likely to resonate with your ideal customer and ideal prospects. (And we can help you with the creative execution , too.)

In other words: We help you put together the best possible mailing list and the best possible message, then deliver it straight to your customers and prospects?start-to-finish.

What you’ll get:

Client deliverables for MailPoint can include:

  • Psycho-demographic profile of the best customer of your target household that helps you inform creative strategy
  • Analysis of what worked, what didn’t with previous email campaigns
  • Recommendations for direct mail campaign improvement
  • Maps and zip-code analysis that help you put together a final mailing list
  • The bottom line:

    “Spray and pray” may seem like a tempting approach when it comes to direct mail. But it won’t ever come close to getting the same kinds of results achieved by a targeted approach. Stop wasting money, ink and time and contact MindEcology to start your better direct mail campaign today. (Or ask a question here .)

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