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The term SEO or Search Engine Optimization refers to any activity that increases a website’s chances of ranking well among organic search results on top search sites like Google, Bing and Yahoo!. An SEO campaign can involve analyzing and modifying a number of dimensions of the target website itself, as well as other activities outside of the website (e.g., link-building campaigns).

The basic principles of a good SEO campaign entail:

  1. having good content on the website (and the right amount of it) that is: relevant to one’s business segment or industry niche, useful and helpful to site visitors, and updated with the right frequency
  2. optimizing the content for search engines by selecting and then incorporating into the visible text and the meta data (i.e., programming code that is not generally visible to the site visitor) the right keywords
  3. making the site known to other sites through the generation of backlinks (i.e., getting other people to link to one’s site)
  4. ensuring that the site is sound from a programming/structural perspective that search engines can easily find and index the site


At MindEcology, our primary SEO-related services include the SEO Audit and ongoing SEO Support:

SEO Audit

MindEcology will conduct a full audit of the existing website for the purposes of informing key content, SEO and user experience-related decisions for the new website. The Audit will be completed within 8-10 business days of project inception. Our SEO Audit includes:

  • Keyword Analysis: starting with an initial list of thousands of candidate target keywords, isolate 10-12 ideal target keywords for your site by leveraging our proprietary, 6-dimension quantitative analysis approach. These keywords will be the basis for your SEO efforts moving forward because they represent the right combination of appropriateness for your business niche, a relatively low number of competitors, and a relatively high number of daily searches by interested prospects.
  • Competitor Analysis: a thorough analysis of 3 competitors’ websites, including both qualitative and quantitative performance metrics. The result is a list of the reasons why your competitors are ranking well on search engines for important target keywords, many of which can be emulated for your site.
  • Site Analysis: a thorough analysis of your own website, including both qualitative and quantitative dimensions. Results in a list of “Strong Points” and “Areas for Improvement” for your site, along with specific, detailed recommendations for how to improve the search-ability of your website.
  • Report: the result is an approximately 30-page report detailing our findings, including a full appendix with all collected data for future reference. Report includes a succinct, 2-3 page summary of recommendations and next steps in terms of making your website more search-ready.
SEO Support

Website rankings are the result of multiple factors, including the quality, quantity and choice of content on your website and the quality, quantity and choice of backlinks (hyperlinks) that lead to your site from other sites. Our SEO Support program supports all of these elements. Our SEO Support service includes:

  • Performance tracking: setup of Google Analytics reporting system in order to gather and analyze meaningful patterns in your visitor traffic on an ongoing basis.
  • Article creation: writing of original, high-ranking articles for posting on a top article marketing website, with a backlink to your Home Page or one of your internal pages. This offers three types of benefits for your website: a. positions you as the expert in your field; b. results in direct visits to your website, as some of the readers will click on the link in article to visit your site; c. most importantly, the article represents a quality backlink to your website, acting as a level to help push your own site up in the rankings.
  • Expert questions: we post answers to questions posted online about your product or service. The answers include backlinks to your site, which helps to push your site up in the rankings.
  • Other content vehicle creation: we create original, keyword-optimized content such as blog posts, Squidoo lenses, and Hub Pages with backlinks to your site.
  • Monthly report detailing all work performed, organic (natural search) site visits, and current site ranking on major search engines for selected target keywords.


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