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Supercharge your lead generation efforts with automated drip marketing and lead scoring

Research shows that the vast majority of prospects who visit your website won’t take the initiative to contact your business before they leave. In fact, the rate of unknown, unnamed visitors can be as high as 97%. Yikes! That’s a lot of potential customers driving right up to your window, so to speak – and then driving away without your ever knowing who they are or what they wanted.

If lead generation has been a part of your B2B or e-commerce business for more than a few minutes, you know that time wasted on chasing the wrong prospects can gobble huge chunks out of your sales productivity.

Introducing ConversionPoint from MindEcology

MindEcology’s ConversionPoint automated drip marketing and lead scoring software will eliminate the guesswork of lead generation and can increase your ROI on sales efforts by introducing a new equation into your lead generation strategy:

Lead Identification + Lead Scoring +

Trigger-Driven Drip Marketing =

More Conversions

Simply put: ConversionPoint allows you to identify the prospects who are coming to your website, gauge the interest level of the prospect, and then have an automated, yet personalized, e-conversation with the prospect based on his behavior.

Your ConversionPoint subscription can include:

    • Identify web visitors by name, company or both.
    • Build custom web forms that populate your lead lists.
    • Create and send customized, branded emails to prospect lists.
    • E-mails are sent automatically to your web visitors when they perform trigger actions.
    • Automatically score your web leads based upon their interaction history or other attributes.
    • Assign dollar values to leads based upon their industry type, segment or other attributes or actions.
    • Robust analytics and reporting that help you determine what is driving results.
    • Receive expert campaign guidance from experienced content marketing professionals.

Three extremely cool things you can do with ConversionPoint:
1: Start your day with an email keeping you in the loop of who’s looking at your site, what they’re looking at, and how they got to you.

2: Dig a little deeper into the leads by checking out their entire life cycle or interaction with you. Visitor ID tags and tracks your visitors’ actions over time and assigns each of them a lead score, allowing you to focus on those most engaged.

3: When a visitor reads a certain article on your site, have ConversionPoint send them an email featuring customized content specific to their interests instantly or over time.

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