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Media Buying

Media buying works best in the right hands

The key to making advertising work is relentless repetition. At MindEcology, we take a “Frequency Is King” method when it comes to media buying. Our goal is to connect you to a relevant audience with a relevant message as many times as possible within a given budget. Whether your most cost-effective channels are Radio, TV, OTT, newspaper, community magazines or local website banner space, we can help you negotiate advertising rates that deliver the most bang for your buck.

Media buying — The MindEcology Difference

By combining our media buying skills with our data-fueled approach, we can craft a media placement strategy that will give your company the most efficient investment of media buying.

Before we even negotiate your first ad buy, we’ll use our proprietary MatchPoint™ Analytics to laser-focus your advertising dollars. We’ll first identify your best customers — and your most likely new customers — and then determine where to reach that audience. Once armed with that information, your media budget can be spent on the most effective channels to the most responsive prospects while excluding those who will likely never buy from you.

All the data and strategy in the world means nothing unless it translates into increasing your bottom line and providing a return on your investment. With decades of experience in the advertising landscape, we understand the key metrics — but more importantly we can interpret how those metrics can fine-tune your messaging.

  • Cost per point: CPP reveals the comparative cost of a campaign on one channel versus the cost on another. We’ll use this metric to guide decisions on where your media dollars should be spent for the most impact.
  • Cumulative audience: This is the prime determining factor of advertising rates. Using this metric, we can identify what you should be spending — and where. We can also use this information to negotiate better rates, leading to a better ROI.
  • Average quarterly hour (AQH): Nielsen (remember them?) still drives metrics for many media channels. Average quarterly hour, or “quarter hour persons,” is the number of people listening to a station for at least five minutes during a 15-minute period.

These are a few of the dimensions we focus on. At MindEcology we don’t work from a template, we customize everything for our clients. Media buying is no different. The strategy that we develop for you will be completely tailored to you and your budget.

Media buying probably isn’t your only marketing approach — and it shouldn’t be. What it should do is complement and complete your messaging. We’ll make sure that your advertising works together with your digital strategy to tell your story.

Using advertising — and media buying — to tell your story

Your company is unlike any other. And your messaging should be as well. Your well-honed advertising budget needs to be combined with a well crafted message and an irresistible call to action.

The creative team at MindEcology synergizes your story into a message resonating with your potential customers. Whether your media buying campaign needs an eye-catching billboard, a compelling banner ad or an unforgettable television commercial, we create advertising that not only looks and sounds great, but also delivers the results that matter.


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