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OTT (Over The Top)

Let’s Go Over the Top (OTT)

Television is not dead — but it is evolving. That evolution provides an opportunity for smaller businesses to take advantage of OTT advertising to reach their customers and find new audiences.

55 million Americans are expected to “cut the cord” by 2030, relying exclusively on streaming services instead of traditional television content providers like satellite and cable. That’s where OTT advertising comes in.

What Is OTT Advertising?

OTT is a delivery method of video content over the internet whenever we want, across many different devices, without the need for traditional broadcast or cable TV. In simple terms, OTT streaming means paying an internet provider for internet access to watch streaming services without paying for cable TV. While Netflix took an early lead in streaming and continues to dominate with 30 percent of contracts, a host of other streamers are vying for market share. YouTube TV, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, HBO Max, Hulu, Disney+, Peacock and Paramount are just some of the streamers competing for viewers.

Why Should You Care About OTT Advertising

Adding OTT advertising to your marketing plan can be surprisingly affordable, especially compared to traditional television advertising. And that’s not the only reason it makes sense for many businesses.

  • Your customers are watching a streaming service — and if they are not they soon will be. There are already 340 million OTT contracts in the United States: more streaming contracts than there are people. That number continues to grow exponentially every year as more and more consumers choose streaming over cable.
  • Advertising on streaming services is growing alongside those contracts. In 2019, OTT advertising was worth $121 billion. By the end of this decade that number will exceed $1 trillion. Streaming provides a unique opportunity to target television viewers. A 28-year-old woman with her masters degree and 42-year-old man with his bachelors can watch the same show at the same time and see completely different ads. Ads on streaming services can be targeted based on age, gender, location, income, education and time of viewing, providing a powerful opportunity to make sure your most likely customers are the ones who are seeing your ads.
  • Ads on streaming services also are particularly effective — and trackable. More than 40 percent of streaming viewers have paused an ad to look up the website and check out what was being advertised.

Our Experience

At MindEcology we started out as media buyers, giving us a potent understanding of advertising across the spectrum of distribution channels. We can put more than 40 years of media buying experience at your disposal to determine the best bang for your OTT advertising buck.

Wherever it happens, media buying is about math and data and that’s where our data scientists excel. We can distill an array of disparate data into an ideal customer for your business — and then let you know the best place to reach that customer.

Effective marketing isn’t just about the science of data, it’s also about the art of content creation and the creatives at MindEcology will tell your story in a way that compels viewers to take action.

Put the Power of OTT Advertising To Work For Your Business

If you are ready to explore the opportunities presented by OTT advertising, give us a call and we’ll help you craft a streaming strategy that works. We offer a no-obligation 30-minute Zoom call to show you what we can do for you.

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