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Established 2009

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Marketing Strategy

Strategic thinking is an approach to marketing that flows through everything we do at MindEcology.

As a data-fueled advertising agency, we take data and research extremely seriously. In fact, it is infused in everything that we do.

Here are some key ways that MindEcology designs and implements our strategic marketing vision on a daily basis for our clients and partners:

1. Customer profile-driven marketing strategy: based upon the results of our highly-innovative MatchPoint customer profiling research, MindEcology will develop a specific set of marketing recommendations that meets your specific business objectives.

2. Strategic marketing plans: if you are implementing marketing campaigns on multiple fronts, getting the marketing mix right is key – whether it be traditional media buying, digital campaigns, direct mail, or something else. We will assign specific objectives to each component of your marketing plan. We will then develop metrics to measure success and allocate budget to each component. The result: a comprehensive, numbers-based, objectives-driven plan ready for immediate implementation.

3. Strategy-driven digital ad campaigns: our pay-per-click (PPC), banner ad and re-targeting ad campaign management methodologies are driven by pure strategy. Everything from ad design to keyword selection to geographical settings are highly-targeted toward your specific conversion goals. Bids are set, reviewed, and adjusted regularly based upon the conversion performance of individual keywords. When you are ready to go beyond “set it and forget it”-style digital campaign management, give MindEcology a call.

4. SEO Audits: our search engine optimization (SEO) audit is designed to provide a comprehensive health check of your website, especially in regard to its readiness for indexing by search engines. We recommend our SEO audit before embarking on any MindEcology SEO support campaign. The audit report sets the strategic direction for the ongoing support work.

5. Marketing ROI analysis: we will review your historical marketing campaigns from a return on investment (ROI) perspective, calculating which campaigns are the most efficient in driving conversions. We can even run analyses to determine which individual components of a multi-pronged marketing campaign are contributing the most to the bottom line, even if those components are running at the same time.

6. Branding: we start by conducting an in-depth branding review – including focus groups and surveys – to gather valuable prospect and market intelligence. Then, our data and creative teams join forces to craft an expert, data-driven, spot-on brand that hits your target customers like a guided missile with the right message about your product or service offerings.

7. Consulting: sometimes you just need a strategic team to talk to about your pressing marketing problems. Whether you are grappling with a particular strategic challenge or just need to bounce some ideas off of an experienced ear, MindEcology is available on a retainer or project-basis for strategic marketing consulting.

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