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Website User Engagement Optimization

Activate Your Next-Level Website Metrics Game with Google Tag Manager and GA4 Events and Conversions

The Secret Life of Your Website Visitors

Do you ever wonder how your users are actually behaving between when they land on your website and when they leave? On which on-page assets, widgets and documents do they click, scroll, download, submit?

All of this doesn’t have to be a mystery anymore. With Google Analytics 4 website analytics, you can set up multiple events and tag them as conversions for your reporting.

Setting up the right set of events and conversions (the “how”) requires not only the technical knowledge of how to do it, but it also requires the marketing knowledge to guide you as to which events to track (the “what”). MindEcology is well-equipped with both the how and the what.

We have been using Google Tag Manager on behalf of our clients since it was rolled out in the early 2010s. And we are up to speed on the how-tos and benefits of the relatively-new Google Analytics 4 (G4). And now, we want to help you get it right!

Service Benefits

  • Build a metrics-based view of your website visitors
  • Run reports for yourself, your colleagues, your boss or your clients
  • Track which conversions targets have been met and where you are falling short
  • Track outbound link clicks, internal link clicks image clicks, PDF downloads, video views, form submits, scroll depth percentage and more
  • Create specific events based on multiple conditions, for maximum granularity
  • With Google Tag Manager, you can manage ALL of your website platforms – even non-Google products like Facebook, Instagram and Hot Jar

Let the data-driven marketing minds at MindEcology do all of this for you.

Included Service Tasks

  • Set up Google Tag Manager account (if not already)
  • Set up Google Analytics account (if not already)
  • Set up GA4 property inside Google Analytics account (if not already) and link it to Google Ads (if that exists)
  • Recommend up to 25 desired on-page conversions for all site visitors, regardless of original traffic source
  • Create Event tags for the 25 desired conversions in Google Tag Manager
  • Create appropriate Triggers for each of the Event tags
  • Generate user-friendly parameters that you can use to build more custom Events in Google Analytics 4
  • Test new tags to ensure proper operation
  • Publish everything live to your website
  • Mark specific Events as Conversions in GA4
  • Set up up to 3 custom reports for you to use immediately to get smarter about your site visitors
  • Document all of this so you have a record of what was created and what was done, all one place

Keeping Your Private Data, Private

MindEcology believes that our clients should retain ownership of their own Google assets: for ethical and privacy reasons. That is why MindEcology will never ask for your Google account password. We simply gain access to the account via permissions request, which you can revoke at any time. In other words, we do the work, but you keep the keys to the castle.

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