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Established 2009

Audience Definition

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Know Your Customer, Improve Your Results

Think you already know your customers well enough? That is certainly true in some sense. But with thousands of data points that could potentially be used to describe your customers, there is no way to get the full picture without engaging in data mining. That is where MatchPointTM Audience Definition comes in. By targeting the right prospective customers, you can increase your marketing return on investment (ROI) by 3-5 times or more.

Your customer base is as unique as your personal DNA. No two organizations’ sets of customers look the same. In fact, there are literally hundreds of millions of possible combinations of consumer segments – making your organization’s “best customer DNA” truly unique. There’s not another company or organization on the planet that matches yours exactly.

Advanced Audience Definition

MatchPointTM is MindEcology’s flagship audience definition report. Audience definition is another term for customer segmentation. Our report is built directly on top of your own historical customer data – coded at the household level. We roll our results up into personas, or clusters of segments, and then describe them for you with amazing attention to detail. Geography, psychographics, demographics, buying habits, media consumption behaviors … it’s all in there.

We combine our findings with marketing recommendations tailored to each persona, as well as providing some blanket recommendations which apply more generally to all of your best prospects as a whole.

Find Your Best Consumer (B2C)

If your business or organization targets consumer households (as customers, patients, visitors or guests), you will want to become familiar with with MatchPointTM B2C. We have helped scores of clients gain crystal-clear clarity into whom they are targeting and how to find more people just like them.

We do this by coding your customers at the household level – which is as granular as you can get. We identify your top segmentation clusters relative to your trade area – and then roll these up into 3 or 4 personas. Included in our findings is a listing of how each of your personas indexes for thousands of specific data points, including major categories such as:

  • Internet viewing and buying habits
  • TV viewership preferences
  • Newspaper and magazine readership
  • Radio listening behaviors
  • Psychographics
  • and many more


Find Your Best Business Customer/Client (B2B)

For companies and organizations who sell to other businesses, there’s MatchPointTM B2B. This shifts the focus from psycho-demographics to SIC codes, revenue, decision-maker titles, and other key factors that make your customer base unique. We build segments and then help you find fresh clients just like them. Our model-building process can apply to helping your business make more strategic decisions about:

  • Identifying your best target companies for marketing and sales outreach
  • Attracting the best companies to your city or region
  • Attracting ideal tenants to your existing shopping center or industrial complex
  • Deciding where to locate your next store, outlet or restaurant


Contact MindEcology today to find out how MatchPointTM can help your business conduct smarter, more targeted marketing.