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Banks & Financial Services Marketing

Targeted, on-message marketing drives successful banks and financial organizations. MindEcology is a research-fueled, full-service agency that knows how precious every marketing dollar is to your organization.

We can develop and execute targeted marketing campaigns designed to connect you to your best prospects so that more of them will open an account, make an investment, or take out a loan with your institution.

MindEcology will help you maximize ROI for every marketing dollar you spend, putting you in the best position to grow your business and dominate the competition. And we make it a point to fine-tune the campaign along the way based on an analysis of campaign results.

All industries have “unique-to-us” marketing propositions, but the financial industry is one that is characterized by a particular array of marketing challenges, including:

    • Emerging and untapped bank customer segments, like lower-income Americans.
    • Fending off competition from non-banks.
    • Consumer confusion and backlash.
    • Mergers, acquisitions and ongoing regulatory issues.
    • Keeping up with the Joneses (and leaving them in the dust) when it comes to product innovation, especially mobile banking and investing.

As you work with MindEcology, you?ll gain insight, experience and research analytics that empower you to successfully overcome these financial industry-specific marketing challenges, along with any others that keep you up at night. Some of the services we can provide to you include:

Site selection:

We’ll provide robust analysis that positions you to ?start smart? with your next facility and grow your business in areas that are ripe with opportunity.

Digital and Print Marketing:

Don’t throw away marketing dollars on ?spray-and-pray? pay-per-click advertising or direct mailings. MindEcology offers analytics you can use to calibrate your efforts and deliver your message to actual customers and prospects. We specialize in SEO, pay-per-click ads, banner ads and re-targeting services that will propel your web traffic to new levels.

Customer Profiling:

Consumer confidence in financial brands is harder to win these days. We?ll help you paint a clearer picture of your customer?s wants, needs and potential that in turn informs your marketing messages, product development and other key business decisions.

Media Buying:

We use our data-driven approach to select the right television, radio, newspaper, and outdoor signage buys. By negotiating the most profitable stations and day-parts for you while keeping costs down, we are your media-buying partner.

Social Media Strategy:

Are you taking control of the conversation about your brand? Are you leveraging the analytics of your social media platforms to forward your overall marketing objectives? We can help you re-direct your efforts when appropriate and create a roadmap for future success. We will even blog, write articles and promote your content.

MindEcology is ready to support and advise you as you launch a new financial service business, re-brand, or take your institution to the next best destination on your business plan.

If you?re also ready, contact us at 512-326-1300 or online. We will respond in one business day.

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