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CommercePoint provides professional-grade analytics that help you squeeze more results out of your e-commerce platform.

We?re going to tell you about a secret weapon for your business. (And here?s even better news: You already own it.)

We?re big fans of data at MindEcology. Superfans, actually. Okay, nerds. We?re data nerds. You know why? Because data is one of the most gripping storytellers ever. Forget about Scheherazade or the Coen brothers, there?s just nothing quite like the data storytelling experience. And data?s storytelling prowess is especially in evidence when it comes to a business?s e-commerce platform.

Your e-commerce story

Picture this: It?s the first of the month, and there?s a knock at your door. You open it and discover a magical wizard standing on your front porch. ?There?s money buried in your back yard,? he says, ?and if you?ll just listen to this short story, I can show you where it?s located. And by the way, I?ll be back this time next month, too.? You?d probably be pretty excited, right? How often does someone show up at your door and point you in the direction of more money?

The fact is, if your business sells products online, this scenario is already happening?in the form of the data gathered behind-the-scenes by your website and e-commerce platforms each month. The keywords that customers use in your search box, shopping cart patterns, and the traffic generated by your product pages are just a few of the data nuggets that tell a compelling story about your e-commerce business.

When they?re mined and studied, they can reveal valuable insights that help you increase spend with existing customers and attract new ones. When they?re ignored, they represent untapped opportunities for increased revenue.

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MindEcology?s CommercePoint research tool, fueled by our signature MatchPoint predictive analytics product, allows us to study the data generated by our clients? e-commerce sites and develop a series of actionable recommendations, such as:

  • Identification of high potential or underperforming products.
  • Product development insights: What do customers want that they can?t find on your site?
  • Recommendations for product grouping and suggestive sell prompts that motivate your current customers to spend more with you.
  • Identification of website pages that need to be restructured, rewritten, repositioned, or eliminated altogether.

The bottom line:

If your e-commerce site is only being used to process orders and payments, you?re leaving money on the table year after year by not asking it do more. Contact us, and we?ll get started on a customized CommercePoint analysis that unlocks the full power of your e-commerce data story.

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