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Established 2009

Convert Your Best Customers

Are you a marketing manager, director, company president or C-level decision-maker who is directly responsible for your company?s P&L? If so, you already know that you cannot afford NOT to market your company?s products and services. What you may not know is that if you are not hyper-targeting your best prospects, you are almost certainly leaving money on the table each month.

The question you really should be asking is, ?How can I cut marketing costs and increase conversion rates in order to improve my marketing return on investment (ROI)??

At MindEcology, we answer this for our clients in a very unique way: we always start a new client engagement by building a detailed profile of your very best historical customers. And what we do works for B2C (business to consumer) as well as for B2B (business to business) applications.

It?s Time To Put Data-Driven Marketing To Work For You

For those customers who spend the most money with you and buy from you the most frequently throughout the year, we use our advanced analytics and segmentation techniques to build a psychographic, demographic and geographic profile that best describes them. The resulting profile not only describes them in great detail, but more importantly, it differentiates them in statistically significant ways from average prospective visitor.

Once we have developed your company?s ?best customer profile,? we then proceed to extrapolate a wealth of valuable information from that profile that can be applied directly to your marketing efforts. This data tells us which media (i.e., TV stations, radio stations, websites) they consume, how frequently they purchase certain types of products and services, and the nature of their attitudes towards various types of advertising.

We then leverage that information to help you craft the right positioning statements and messaging that will get your best visitors? attention. That is because our data will tell us what their ?buy buttons? are ? what motivates them to make purchasing decisions.

In short: we tell you where, how and how often to reach out to them so that you can maximize your marketing return on investment (ROI).

It?s All About Return On Investment

Why do we go to all of the trouble to do so much up-front research about your best customers? It?s simple: it?s about return on investment, or ROI. Our experience has shown us time and time again that knowing what your best customers look like is by far the easiest way to find other prospects who are most similar to them. In other words: our research points out to you specifically which types of households or companies are likely to respond to your outreach efforts. And, higher response rates translate directly to better return on your marketing investment. When you choose MindEcology, you are making a choice to invest your marketing dollars as wisely as possible ? before you execute your next campaign.

Give MindEcology a call today to learn more at 512-310-7837, or contact us online. We will respond to you directly within one business day.