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Custom Analysis and Reporting

Marketing and advertising solutions tailor-made for your business.

Sometimes marketing and advertising agencies fall into a “one size fits all” way of doing business, and it’s not hard to understand why. After you’ve knocked out hundreds of campaigns over the years, it’s easy to slip into assembly line mode and use the same approach for each client, especially when you tend to work in one industry.

At MindEcology, we offer both “out of the box” and customized solutions for your marketing and advertising needs. We work across industries, which keeps our perspectives fresh, and take what we call a “snowflake view” of our clients?no two are exactly alike.

So what does this mean for you?

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It means that when you come to us with a marketing or advertising need, problem, or challenge, we’ll respond by developing a customized plan that’s based on your needs, your goals?and most importantly, your business’s unique data. This analysis can prove extremely helpful with respect to important decisions you make about your business’s overall marketing strategy (and budget).

What you’ll get:

Client deliverables for a customized analysis of marketing challenges can include:

  • Account executive load balancing. Identifying the which, where, how many and what kind when it comes to positioning your sales team.
  • ROI analysis. Your current advertising campaign seems effective, but how much ROI are you really getting for each dollar spent?
  • Channel analysis. Which marketing channels are proving most effective in terms of reaching your customers, and which channels need to be added to your plan?
  • Survey clustering/clustering analysis. A “part two” deeper dive of marketing survey data that groups your survey results into categories that yield actionable insights.
  • E-mail campaign response. We’ll help you figure out if your e-mail marketing campaigns are hitting their marks and what can be done to improve response. (We can help you with the creative development of your marketing campaign, too.)

The bottom line:

Just think of the MindEcology team as your marketing tailors – minus the needle and thread, of course. (We don’t actually know how to use those.) Pricing is project based and you’ll know what you’re getting before you write us a check. Contact us to learn more – we’re ready to put together a customized bid for your business.

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