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Established 2009

Data Description

Once your customer and order history data has been acquired, integrated and mapped, it must be adequately described. Data description helps us to gain a deeper insight into your data. We take an assessment of the fields (or variable types) present, the type of data in each field, and the number of records (or rows) in each data set.

During the data description step, we review as many records as possible to get to know your data. Part of the output of this step can be to create a set of descriptive statistics that outline your data, including averages, maximum/minimum values, and other statistics.

The data description data step involves the creation of a report outlining the nature of each data set, along with descriptive statistics that summarize each data set. Once this process has been completed, we have a much better understanding of the data sets you have provided us.

After completing the data description step, we conduct a data quality assessment.