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Direct Response Strategy

Marketing is at its finest when the right message about the right product or service is sent directly to a highly-targeted subset of the target market. And, it is particularly powerful when that message is coupled with a ?call to action? designed to elicit a response directly from the prospect back to the marketer. This ideal marketing situation encompasses the related practices of direct marketing and direct response marketing.

MindEcology would like to be your direct marketing agency. Whether you are located in Austin, Dallas-Ft. Worth, San Antonio, Houston or anywhere in the US, MindEcology?s analytics-driven approach to producing marketing results is ideal for powering direct marketing and direct response marketing campaigns. We are able to build a highly-predictive, actionable profile of your historically-best customers. We can then apply the results of our analytics to helping you identify your best prospects and then reach out to them via various marketing channels, including:

  • Direct Mail
  • E-mail
  • Door hangers
  • In-Person Sales Calls
  • Telemarketing

Leveraging these media, direct response leads yield some of the highest response rates in the field of marketing.

  • Direct Marketing

    Direct marketing involves the practice of identifying and then reaching out to specific prospects directly with marketing and advertising campaigns. It can be contrasted to mass-marketing or ?spray and pray? marketing methods that involve getting the word out about a product or service to a large, less-well-defined audience. A good direct marketing firm can put you directly in touch with your best prospects, while sidestepping those who are less likely to buy from you.

    Direct Response Marketing

    Direct response marketing is a close cousin of direct marketing. It is the practice of creating targeted marketing campaigns that elicit a response directly from the prospect. Responses are usually elicited via a specific ?call to action? that is included in the marketing outreach. Direct marketing solutions and direct response marketing solutions can be used in tandem in a single campaign.

    Direct Mail Marketing

    A direct mail marketing campaign remains one of the most powerful ways to directly reach out to specific households. It has been in existence for decades, and average direct mail response rates have allowed smart direct mail marketing companies to continually achieve a positive ROI on their campaigns.

    In order to increase direct mail response rates dramatically, enter MindEcology. We can project our model of your best prospects in a way that targets prospects at the household level of granularity. This means that, on a given residential street, we can literally target three houses in a row ? and then skip over the next two ? based upon whether they meet your organization?s ?best prospect? criteria. Try that with mere zip code-level marketing!

    With MindEcology?s direct mail marketing services, we give you the ability to target your best prospects at the household level. It is easy to see why coupling our analytics with the powerful direct mail is an ideal channel for spreading the word about your products and services. We can turn your direct mail marketing idea into a reality.

    The direct mailers you send to prospects can feature a printed PURL (a website customized with the name and interests of each individual recipient). The website is designed to prompt the prospect to fill out a short online questionnaire, to fill out an interest form with name/address/phone/e-mail address info, or to call your company for more information. This results in a very impressive direct mail response rate.

    E-mail Marketing

    Spam e-mailing ? besides being illegal in some states ? has only limited effectiveness in generating viable leads for businesses. Much better than spam e-mailing is the practice of direct e-mail marketing through leveraging double-opt-in e-mail lists.

    Double-opt-in lists are those populated with individuals who have expressed (and then confirmed) their interest in receiving e-mails from a particular organization about a particular subject of interest. Building a strong double-opt-in e-mail list or renting one from a partner organization can be an excellent way to generate interest in your products and services.

    MindEcology can analyze your e-mail lists and give you a wealth of information about your prospects at about a 20-30% match rate. You can then leverage our analytics to divide your list into groups and then tailor your messaging, positioning and benefits statements to meet the needs of each group. The result is a much-improved response rate.

    In true direct response marketing form, your e-mails can include links directly to your e-commerce website.


    Telemarketing has a reputation as an annoying, don?t-bug-me-during-dinner marketing practice ? and with good reason. That is because historically, telemarketing companies have used auto-dialers and other methods to call prospects randomly. Response rates have been low, but some companies have managed to keep margins low enough to make it work.

    Enter MindEcology?s analytics into the telemarketing equation. We can analyze your list ahead of time, prioritizing your list so that your outbound sales call team spends their valuable time on only the most-promising prospects ? whether you operate in the B2B or B2C space.

    Don?t have a telemarketing call center? We can help you find a telemarketing center-for-hire staffed with a team of professionals ready to generate more business opportunities for you. Consider allowing telemarketing-derived leads to drive a significant portion of your earnings this year.

    Door Hangers

    A great direct marketing tip is to use door hangers to specifically target particular neighborhoods with your message. Door hangers are those full-color, rectangular placards that are hand-delivered door-to-door and literally ?hung? on doorknobs in a given neighborhood. They represent one of the most literal forms of direct marketing.

    At MindEcology, we can designate the most target-rich subsets of entire neighborhoods as targets for your door hanger campaign. We can do this via the US Postal Service?s ?carrier route? designation, targeting only those carrier routes within given zips codes that have the highest concentrations of your best prospects. The result: you only need to print and deliver enough door hangers to cover those targeted neighborhoods with very high concentrations of your best prospects. This means lower initial printing and postage costs but higher response rates. Sit back and watch your response rates go through the roof.

    Door hangers can be printed with a PURL (personalized URL) or phone number in order to elicit a direct response from interested households.

What are your direct marketing plans? Contact MindEcology today to find out about our direct marketing services.

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