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Franchise & Multi-Unit Marketing

If you own or manage a franchise or multi-unit business, you likely spend much of your time pondering the same questions as thousands of other business owners: How do I attract new customers and get more spend out of my current ones? Are my products hitting the mark, or do I need to innovate? How can I get the word out about my business without overspending my marketing budget?

Most business owners find themselves in the same marketing boat you?re rowing, it?s true. However, your business model also comes with its own set of specialized marketing challenges, like:

  • Maintaining a robust digital marketing presence

    The needs for effective search engine optimization (SEO), a website that works, and engaging social media are universal for just about every business.

    In the case of franchised or multi-unit businesses, the execution of these marketing tactics is made complicated by the presence of more than one business location and multiple stakeholders? involvement in the management of your digital marketing plan.

    • Creating a consistent brand across marketing platforms

      The presence of distinct customer groups within one business, the input of franchise owners and the physical distance between business locations can lead to chaos when it comes to keeping your brand graphics, your brand ?voice? and your messaging points consistent across websites and social media pages.

      • Choosing ideal locations for your business expansion

        If you?re running a restaurant chain, retail store or other business that requires you to sell to or service your customers in a storefront setting, where you sell is just as important as what you?re selling. Expansion into the wrong area can lead to devastating profit loss, while selecting ideal locations can propel your business into new realms of success. Read more about how most site selection efforts miss the mark.

        • What can MindEcology do for my franchise or multi-unit business?

          We can help you become better positioned to grow relationships with customers, effectively expand your locations, gain a clearer picture of your marketing assets and liabilities, and solve marketing-related problems. Some of our services include:

          Customer profiling: Learn who your customers are and aren?t, which products they need and what marketing messages provoke the best response. Read more about customer profiling.

          Pay-per-click/web advertising and SEO: Get the most bang for your marketing buck by capturing new customers online and reinforcing your status with existing ones. Read more about SEO and online advertising services.

          Direct mail, website design and social media management: All of these represent tactics that can suck up time and money that is better invested elsewhere unless they are managed strategically. Learn more.

          Ideal site selection: Using an results-proven analytic approach, we?ll help you determine which locations are the most likely to yield customers and profit when it?s time to expand. Learn more about MindEcology?s ideal site selection process.

          • Are you ready to take your marketing program to the next level?

            If so, MindEcology is waiting to hear from you. We?ll help you figure how to better engage with customers, choose ideal locations, and make sure you?re getting maximum ROI for your marketing budget. Contact us today to get started.