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Established 2009

MatchPoint? Audience Definition

MatchPoint?: Unleash the power of audience definition . Increase your business with new customers, find and convert qualified prospects, dominate your competition, and grow your business.

We?d like to introduce you to someone special.

And that someone special is none other than ? your best customer.

You may be thinking ?But I already know my best customer.? Do you? The fact is, if you haven?t invested some time and energy into best customer profiling, then there?s no way that you know everything there is to know about your best customer segments, no matter how long you?ve been in business. And that?s where MatchPoint? marketing research comes in.

Businesses that survive, sustain and thrive tend to have a few things in common. Vision. A good location. A unique selling proposition. Strong products or services. Luck. And they have something else in common: Successful businesses don?t waste time and money chasing unqualified prospects ? and that?s because they have a deep understanding of their best customers.

What is MatchPoint??

MatchPoint? is a sophisticated hyper-targeted market segmentation system designed to help B2C and B2B businesses, government entities, and non-profit organizations attract their best customers through improved targeting and messaging.

It?s MindEcology?s signature research product ? our ?secret sauce.? MatchPoint? is powered by a number of well-proven research methods, plus some proprietary modalities that we layer in to achieve laser-precise results. The process behind MatchPoint? Analytics allows us to develop a mathematical model of your current customers and prospects – and then use that profile to predict which customers are most likely to grow their spend or start doing business with you.

Once you have a MatchPoint report in your hands, it?s like looking into the diaries of your best customers, because you get to know everything about them that matters. And even better, the insights you gain from reading your customer?s diaries can be applied to your marketing strategy for years into the future.

Your best customer isn?t named ?Everyone?.

Let?s talk for a moment about a tale of two marketing strategies:

Spray-and-Pray Marketing: This is a ?let?s try to reach everyone? approach. The thinking behind spray-and-pray is that is if you get out as much marketing as possible to as many people as you can reach, something is bound to work. Eventually.

Targeted/Hyper-Targeted Marketing: An approach where specially-crafted messages are strategically delivered to a limited, but highly desirable, target audience.

Targeted marketing beats spray-and-pray every time. No contest. Why? Because while your best customer may be named Lindsey, Lionel, Larry or any other of hundreds of names, your best customer isn?t named ?Everyone?.

One of the most common marketing strategy misfires is working under the assumption that everybody wants to know all about your business. But in reality:

– No one wants to know about your business ? they want to know what your business is going to do for them.

– No matter what you have to say and sell, ?Everyone? is not your customer. And even if ?Everyone? was interested in your product, you?d need a cast of thousands and a marketing budget of millions in order to sell to ?Everyone? ? and then you?d still need to narrow your focus. Even giant global consumer brands, like Coke or McDonald?s, use best customer profiling and hyper-targeted marketing ? because it gets the best results.

MatchPoint? Benefits:

– MatchPoint? research gives you a marketing road map: something to keep and refer regularly to for years to come.
– It also provides your entire team a vehicle for talking about your best customers. We divide your best customers into personas with easy-to-remember, descriptive names that will quickly become entrenched in your internal marketing vocabulary.
– MatchPoint? reports ? are unique to your business or organization ? and laced with the DNA of your best customers.
– Some market research agencies report results and leave you to figure them out on your own ? but not us. MatchPoint? reports include elaboration and specific, actionable recommendations you can incorporate into your marketing plan.
– The contents of a MatchPoint report can be read and understood by any marketing agency – so you can use it to enhance the work you?re doing with existing marketing/advertising agencies or to start strong with future vendors.

Here?s What You Get for Your MatchPoint? Investment:

Your customized MatchPoint report will include critical psycho-demographic profile data about your best customers AND your best prospective customers. Examples:

Family status. Are your best customers married? Single? Parents?
– Life stage. How old are your best customers and prospects? Where are they in terms of jobs, careers, education?
Geo-density breakdown. Do your customers and prospects live in urban areas? The suburbs? What zip code clusters are most likely to contain your best customers?
Color-coded ?heat maps?/DMAs of best prospective customers (or visitors, patients, donors, stakeholders, etc.) This gives you an idea of where in the city, state, or country your most desirable contents are concentrated.
A prioritization index for ?likelihood to do business with you? and ?likelihood to spend more money with you.? This helps you prioritize and hyper-target your marketing towards the customer segments and prospects that matter the most.
Media consumption habits. What TV networks and magazines do your customers tend to prefer? How do they use mobile devices?
Buying opinions and behaviors. What are your customers? ?buy buttons?? What motivates them to make a purchase or take action?
Marketing and messaging recommendations. Each MatchPoint? report will outline key message points and suggested marketing strategies that are based on analysis of your best customer segments.

MatchPoint FAQs

All of this sounds cool, but I?m still not exactly sure how MatchPoint? will help my business/organization?

Think of MatchPoint? as a road map ? a very detailed, very valuable road map that can?t be plucked off the Internet with a few clicks of a mouse by just anybody. The insights and direction your MatchPoint road map provides will help your organization build and fine-tune an integrated marketing strategy for years to come, particularly in the areas of:
? Messaging that resonates
? Informed creative strategy
? Targeted advertising buys
? Pay-per-click advertising campaigns
? Content marketing strategy
? Direct mail
? Site selection

What industries can use MatchPoint?

All industries ? especially those in MindEcology?s ?sweet spot? areas of special expertise: Retail, tourism, destination/entertainment, health care, finance, legal, and more. MatchPoint reports can be compiled for non-profit organizations, government entities, and B2B businesses.

What will we need to give you in order to get started?

We’ll need your customer address files and historical revenue records.

What if we are starting a new business and don?t have historical customer data?

No problem. We can use information from the marketplace you?ll be doing business in in order to triangulate who your best customers likely would be.

Is the data we provide kept in confidence?

Absolutely. We?ll go over the processes we employ to safeguard the privacy of your business (and
your customers) during our discovery meeting.

The bottom line:
Don?t waste another dime of your marketing budget or another second or your talent chasing after the wrong prospects with the wrong messages. Let?s start talking about your MatchPoint report today.